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Grey Squirrel Bleached and Dyed Tails

 Grey Squirrel Bleached and Dyed Tails
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From: £2.99

Product Description

Top quality squirrel tails with the markings removed. Very popular useful for salmon flies. We can supply plain bleached tails so you can dye your own.

Available Colours: Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, Olive, Buff.

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HousecodeSupplier codeChoiceRRPPriceOnhand
FVE0067AA00FSTBLD-324-ZBleached RedN/A£9.99Temporarily out of stock
FVE0067AB00FSTBLD-395-ZBleached YellowN/A£9.99In stock
FVE0067AD00FSTBLD-026-ZBleached BlueN/A£9.99Temporarily out of stock
FVE0067AE00FSTBLD-156-ZBleached GreenN/A£9.99Ordered on request
FVE0067AC00FSTBLD-280-ZBleached OrangeN/A£9.99Temporarily out of stock
FVE0067AF00FSTBLD-234-ZBleached OliveN/A£9.99In stock
FVE0067AG00FSTBLD-262-ZBleached BuffN/A£9.99In stock
FVE0063AA0000GSTN-258-ZDyed NaturalN/A£2.99Temporarily out of stock
FVE0063AB0000GSTD-324-ZDyed RedN/A£3.75In stock
FVE0063AC0000GSTD-280-ZDyed YellowN/A£3.75In stock
FVE0063AD0000GSTD-395-ZDyed OrangeN/A£3.75Temporarily out of stock
FVE0063AE0000GSTD-156-ZDyed BlueN/A£3.75Temporarily out of stock
FVE0063AF0000GSTD-026-ZDyed GreenN/A£3.75In stock
FVE0063AG0000GSTD-234-ZDyed OliveN/A£3.75In stock
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