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Grey Squirrel Bleached and Dyed Tails

 Grey Squirrel Bleached and Dyed Tails
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From: £2.99
In stock

Product Description

Top quality squirrel tails with the markings removed. Very popular useful for salmon flies. We can supply plain bleached tails so you can dye your own.

Available Colours: Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, Olive, Buff.

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HousecodeSupplier codeChoiceRRPPriceOnhand
FVE0067AA00FSTBLD-324-ZBleached RedN/A£9.99Temporarily out of stock
FVE0067AB00FSTBLD-395-ZBleached YellowN/A£9.99In stock
FVE0067AD00FSTBLD-026-ZBleached BlueN/A£9.99Temporarily out of stock
FVE0067AE00FSTBLD-156-ZBleached GreenN/A£9.99Ordered on request
FVE0067AC00FSTBLD-280-ZBleached OrangeN/A£9.99In stock
FVE0067AF00FSTBLD-234-ZBleached OliveN/A£9.99In stock
FVE0067AG00FSTBLD-262-ZBleached BuffN/A£9.99In stock
FVE0063AA0000GSTN-258-ZDyed NaturalN/A£2.99In stock
FVE0063AB0000GSTD-324-ZDyed RedN/A£3.75In stock
FVE0063AC0000GSTD-280-ZDyed YellowN/A£3.75In stock
FVE0063AD0000GSTD-395-ZDyed OrangeN/A£3.75In stock
FVE0063AE0000GSTD-156-ZDyed BlueN/A£3.75Temporarily out of stock
FVE0063AF0000GSTD-026-ZDyed GreenN/A£3.75In stock
FVE0063AG0000GSTD-234-ZDyed OliveN/A£3.75In stock
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