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Guideline FITS Tube Fly System

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Guideline FITS Tube Fly System
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From: £4.99

Product Description

Developed by Mikael Frodin & Hakan Norling, this has become the standard for Scandinavian style tube flies. Ideal for use with cones.

Tubing Combinations:
X-Small: Fits with Medium tubing and together with X-Small and Small Coneheads.
Small: Fits the Large tubing and Medium to Large Coneheads. Up to a size 10 tube hook will fit directly into the back of this size tubing.
Medium: All-round tube. Up to a size 6 tube hook will fit directly into the back of this size tubing.
Large: For large tubes. Up to a size 2 tube hook will fit directly into the back of this size tubing.

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ImageHousecodeSupplier codeColourRRPPriceOnhand
FGC0001BC45539-LRed, LargeN/A£5.50In stock
FGC0001BH45530-SGlow, SmallN/A£6.99Ordered on request
FGC0001BF45539-XSRed, XSmallN/A£5.50In stock
FGC0001BD45539-MRed, MedN/A£5.50Ordered on request
FGC0001BI45530-MGlow, MedN/A£6.99Ordered on request
FGC0001BJ45530-LGlow, LargeN/A£6.99Ordered on request
FGC0001BG45530-XSGlow, XSmallN/A£6.99Ordered on request
FGC0001BE45539-SRed, SmallN/A£5.50Ordered on request
FGC0001AA45534-XSClear, XS N/A£4.99In stock
FGC0001AB45534-SClear, S N/A£4.99Temporarily out of stock
FGC0001AC45534-MClear, Med N/A£4.99In stock
FGC0001AD45534-LClear, Large N/A£4.99In stock
FGC0001AE45531-XSFl. Orange, XSmall N/A£5.50Temporarily out of stock
FGC0001AF45531-SFl. Orange, Small N/A£5.50In stock
FGC0001AG45531-MFl. Orange, Med N/A£5.50In stock
FGC0001AH45531-LFl. Orange, Large N/A£5.50In stock
FGC0001AI45532-XSFl. Yellow, XSmall N/A£5.50In stock
FGC0001AJ45532-SFl. Yellow, Small N/A£5.50In stock
FGC0001AK45532-MFl. Yellow, Med N/A£5.50Temporarily out of stock
FGC0001AM45533-XSFl. Red, XSmall N/A£5.50In stock
FGC0001AN45533-SFl. Red, Small N/A£5.50In stock
FGC0001AO45533-MFl. Red, Med N/A£5.50In stock
FGC0001AP45533-LFl. Red, Large N/A£5.50In stock
FGC0001AQ45535-XSFl. Chartreuse, XSmall N/A£5.50In stock
FGC0001AR45535-SFl. Chartreuse, Small N/A£5.50Ordered on request
FGC0001AS45535-MFl. Chartreuse, Med N/A£5.50In stock
FGC0001AT45535-LFl. Chartreuse, Large N/A£5.50Ordered on request
FGC0001AU45536-XSBlack, XSmall N/A£5.50In stock
FGC0001AV45536-SBlack, Small N/A£5.50In stock
FGC0001AW45536-MBlack, Med N/A£5.50In stock
FGC0001AX45536-LBlack, Large N/A£5.50Temporarily out of stock
FGC0001AL45532-LFl. Yellow, Large N/A£5.50Ordered on request
FGC0001AY45537-XSFl. Blue, XS N/A£5.50Ordered on request
FGC0001AZ45537-SFl. Blue, Small N/A£5.50Ordered on request
FGC0001BA45537-MFl. Blue, Medium N/A£5.50Ordered on request
FGC0001BB45537-LFl. Blue, Large N/A£5.50Ordered on request
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