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Hardy Mach Spey Lines

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Hardy Mach Spey Lines
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Product Description

Featuring an advanced head design that delivers both high performance results and ease of casting to all anglers. Available in Floating, Sink Tip, Intermediate and Wet 2 Sinking, with a refined taper so that polyleaders can also be added with no reduction in performance.

Spey line kit supplied with 3 interchangeable tips: floating, intermediate and sinking (wet 2). The ideal solution for Salmon anglers fishing at different depths. The short dynamic nature of this fly line leads to an ease of casting, as well as efficient presentation of flies, both large and small, even in the most trying conditions. Tick all the boxes with one line! Colours: Running Line, Aurora Green; Head, White; Tips, White, Clear and Brown.

  • Designed by Ian Gordon
  • Weight Forward taper
  • Designed to match the latest Hardy & Greys Salmon rods
  • Each line features a specific head length and modified profile to achieve maximum efficiency
  • Head lengths from 48ft to 60ft depending on size
  • Vivid colour change helps visually judge optimum loading point
  • Supple yet stable surface coating with a supple core ensures easy handling and low memory
  • Running line diameter 0.041in
  • Models Available : Floating, Sink Tip, Intermediate and Wet 2 Sinking

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HousecodeSupplier codeTypeAFTMRRPPriceOnhand
HR16421327334Multi7/8N/A£129.99In stock
HR16431327335Multi8/9N/A£129.99In stock
HR16441327336Multi9/10N/A£129.99In stock
HR16451327337Multi10/11N/A£129.99In stock
HR16461327338Floating7/8N/A£69.99In stock
HR16471327339Floating8/9N/A£69.99In stock
HR16481327340Floating9/10N/A£69.99In stock
HR16491327341Floating10/11N/A£69.99Will ship in approx. 1 week.
HR16501327342Floating11/12N/A£69.99Will ship in approx. 1 week.
HR16511327346Sink Tip7/8£69.99£20.00In stock
HR16521327347Sink Tip8/9£69.99£20.00In stock
HR16531327348Sink Tip9/10£69.99£20.00In stock
HR16541327349Sink Tip10/11£69.99£20.00In stock
HR16551327350Sink Tip11/12£69.99£20.00In stock
HR16561327343Intermediate9/10£69.99£20.00In stock
HR16571327344Intermediate10/11£69.99£20.00In stock
HR16581327345Intermediate11/12£69.99£20.00In stock
HR16591327351Wet 29/10£69.99£20.00In stock
HR16601327352Wet 210/11£69.99£20.00In stock
HR16611327353Wet 211/12£69.99£20.00In stock
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