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Nautilus CCF Fly Reels

Nautilus CCF Fly Reels

Product Description

Custom colours and engraving available. Contact us for more information.

Still the smoothest, toughest, and most consistent drag system on the market. The CCF series brought new technology into the big game fly fishing market by introducing a drag system that incorporated all the qualities of cork drags and added the unbeatable startup inertia of carbon fiber. Marrying Cork and Carbon Fiber (CCF), we were able to mitigate the negatives of both materials: The high startup inertia and high maintenance requirements of cork, and the heat build up of carbon fiber. We created the perfect braking system, and now have 6 just as perfect reels built around it!

Reels are available in black or brushed silver anodising unless ordered in a custom color.

More information

From only: £389.00

HousecodeSupplier codeReel/SpoolModelCapacityWeightRRPPriceOnhand
WL0156CCF8BBlack Reel8WF8 + 260yds8.7ozN/A£389.00Ordered on request
WL0157CCF10BBlack Reel10WF10 + 260yds9.2ozN/A£419.00Ordered on request
WL0158CCF12BBlack Reel12WF12 + 300yds9.6ozN/A£449.00Ordered on request
WL0159CCF12TBBlack Reel12TWF12 + 350yds12.4ozN/A£499.00Ordered on request
WL0160CCF12ATLBBlack Reel12ATLWF12 + 475yds14.5ozN/A£649.00Ordered on request
WL0161CCF8SSilver Reel8WF8 + 260yds8.7ozN/A£389.00Ordered on request
WL0162CCF10SSilver Reel10WF10 + 260yds9.2ozN/A£419.00Ordered on request
WL0163CCF12SSilver Reel12WF12 + 300yds9.6ozN/A£449.00Ordered on request
WL0164CCF12TSSilver Reel12TWF12 + 350yds12.4ozN/A£499.00Ordered on request
WL0165CCF12ATLSSilver Reel12ATLWF12 + 475yds14.5ozN/A£649.00Ordered on request
WL0166SPOOL CCF8BBlack Spool8N/A£159.00Ordered on request
WL0167SPOOL CCF10BBlack Spool10N/A£179.00Ordered on request
WL0168SPOOL CCF12BBlack Spool12£199.00£180.00In stock
WL0169SPOOL CCF12TBBlack Spool12TN/A£219.00Ordered on request
WL0170SPOOL CCF12ATLBBlack Spool12ATLN/A£279.00Ordered on request
WL0171SPOOL CCF8SSilver Spool8N/A£159.00Ordered on request
WL0172SPOOL CCF10SSilver Spool10N/A£179.00Ordered on request
WL0173SPOOL CCF12SSilver Spool12£199.00£180.00Ordered on request
WL0174SPOOL CCF12TSSilver Spool12TN/A£219.00Ordered on request
WL0175SPOOL CCF12ATLSSilver Spool12ATLN/A£279.00Ordered on request
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