Butler Creek Flip-Open Scope Covers

Butler Creek Flip-Open Scope Covers

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Product Description

Butler Creek's Flip-Open Scope Covers are custom fit to your specific scope for maximum protection. Quiet opening lids flip open at the touch of your thumb and are virtually silent. The red button that opens the scope cover is ergonomically designed so that even the slightest pressure applied will open the flap allowing you to keep your eye on the target, without fumbling to open the scope cover.

Water-tight friction mounts anchor the covers to your scope while an airtight semi-o-ring keeps out dust and moisture that can damage and cloud your scope.
  • Design serves both right and left handed shooters
  • Quiet-opening design won't scare away game
  • Flip-Open Scope Covers also work great on your spotting scope!
  • Weighs less than an ounce, but protects in the most extreme conditions

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ImageHousecodeSupplier codeSizeRRPPriceOnhand
DB0533BUTL-M02013013: 1.570" (39.9mm) EyepieceN/A£14.99Temporarily out of stock
DB0534BUTL-M02014014: 1.605" (40.8mm) EyepieceN/A£14.99In stock
DB0535BUTL-M02015015: 1.66"x1.45" (42.2x36.8mm) Eyepiece£14.99£10.00In stock
DB0536BUTL-MO2016016: 1.660" (42.2mm) EyepieceN/A£14.99In stock
DB0537BUTL-M02017017: 1.675" (42.5mm) EyepieceN/A£14.99In stock
DB0538BUTL-M02018018: 1.7" (43.2mm) EyepieceN/A£14.99In stock
DB0539BUTL-M02019019: 1.73" (43.9mm) EyepieceN/A£14.99In stock
DB0540BUTL-M02020020: 1.775" (45.1mm) EyepieceN/A£14.99In stock
DB0541BUTL-M02021021: 1.7"x1.42" (43.2x36.1mm) Eyepiece£14.99£10.00Last 3 remaining!
DB0547BUTL-300404: 1.095" (27.8mm) Objective£14.99£10.00In stock
DB0551BUTL-3010010: 1.5" (38.1mm) Objective£14.99£10.00In stock
DB0552BUTL-3011011: 1.54"x1.34" (39.1x34mm) Objective£14.99£10.00In stock
DB0553BUTL-3012012: 1.76"x1.53" (44.7x38.9mm) Objective£14.99£10.00In stock
DB0556BUTL-3017017: 1.612" (40.9mm) Objective£14.99£10.00In stock
DB0557BUTL-3019019: 1.646" (41.8mm) Objective£14.99£10.00In stock
DB0559BUTL-3021021: 1.735" (44.1mm) Objective£14.99£10.00In stock
DB0563BUTL-3027027: 1.84" (46.7mm) ObjectiveN/A£14.99In stock
DB0564BUTL-3028028: 1.89" (48mm) ObjectiveN/A£14.99In stock
DB0565BUTL-3029029: 1.919" (48.7mm) ObjectiveN/A£14.99In stock
DB0568BUTL-3033033: 2.043" (51.9mm) ObjectiveN/A£14.99In stock
DB0569BUTL-3034034: 2.1" (53.3mm) ObjectiveN/A£14.99In stock
DB0570BUTL-3039039: 2.220" (56.4mm) ObjectiveN/A£14.99In stock
DB0571BUTL-3040040: 2.250" (57.2mm) ObjectiveN/A£14.99In stock
DB0572BUTL-3043043: 2.310" (58.7mm) ObjectiveN/A£14.99In stock
DB0573BUTL-3044044: 2.360" (59.9mm) ObjectiveN/A£14.99In stock
DB0575BUTL-3046046: 2.430" (61.7mm) ObjectiveN/A£14.99In stock
DB0576BUTL-3047047: 2.461" (62.5mm) ObjectiveN/A£14.99In stock
DB0577BUTL-3048048: 2.5" (63.5mm) ObjectiveN/A£14.99Temporarily out of stock
DB0578BUTL-3051051: 2.575" (65.4mm) ObjectiveN/A£14.99In stock
DB0550BUTL-3009009: 1.485" (37.7mm) Objective£14.99£10.00In stock
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