Greys GR100S Beach Rods

Greys GR100S Beach Rods

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Greys GR100S Beach Rod

Choosing the right beach fishing rod can be confusing. There are so many factors to consider including, length, handle material, fixed or multiplier reel, rod blank material and action. There is even the option to buy a multi-piece or telescopic beach rod! However, knowing what type of fishing you are going to be doing can make things a bit easier. Shore rods come in a variety of lengths and diameters and depending on where you sea fish will determine what surf rod you will need. Anything from 7 to 15ft is typical. Seven to nine feet is more in line with spinning, float fishing and feathering for Mackerel, etc. For beach fishing, you are looking at 12-15ft beachcaster rods to generate the power to cast longer distances.

A surfcaster can be used with either a fixed spool reel or multiplier reel so one thing to consider is the type of ground you will be fishing. Is the floor weedy or rocky? If you are fishing rockier ground, you need a much stronger rod and set-up to handle bigger fish and rougher terrain. If you do hook up successfully, there is always the challenge of trying to land a fish that swims for weeds or rocks for cover.

Other important factors when considering the purchase of a shore rod is the rod action and casting weight. If you are throwing more substantial leads and fishing rougher sea conditions, you need at least a 4oz breakaway weight. Therefore, the rod that you are buying must be composed of durable enough material to handle the forces generated when the rod loads while casting. In contrast, if you choose to fish calmer sea waters with no strong tides, it is common to be using 2oz to 3oz leads. But remember, stiffer actions are not always necessary. It is all down to personal preference, so when bombarded with all this information, choosing a brand, and rod can be confusing.

Greys is a brand that is synonymous with quality, and they always produce excellent rods that are reliable and long-lasting. Their commitment and passion for pushing the boundaries is renowned, and they consistently design and develop state-of-the-art products using a combination of modern technology and traditional methods. A high degree of this philosophy can be found in the new Greys Sea Fishing Rod Series - the GRS.

As beach rods go, GRS100S Beach Rod occupies the upper echelons of performance and class. It is a versatile rod that's built to suit a wide range of saltwater fishing situations and techniques. At the heart of the magnificent GRS range is Toreon Nano Carbon, Greys' very own proprietary carbon compound material. In standard rods, compression strength limits carbon fibre's performance. Under extreme bending forces, the carbon fibres can micro-buckle, which can result in fractures and failure. However, with Toreon Nano Technology, the rod blank's resin is combined with a high concentration of Nanotubes which consolidate to form a network that supports the rod blank. The result is a blank that is immensely stronger, lighter and is less susceptive to buckling. An increase in Nanoparticle concentration also increases the support of the underlying carbon, ultimately, creating a rod that is more refined and responsive.

Resilience and responsiveness are critical players in long, efficient casting. In combination with proper technique, you can cast your lead much further, so the GRS is a rod that is exceptionally hard wearing but able to offer the levels of required stiffness to throw your hook bait out to your target zone. It is very efficient at unloading stored energy in the back cast into a propulsive and compelling release of power in the forward cast. You will not only be surprised by the accuracy of the Greys GRS100, but you'll also love the rod tip. It is coloured bright white to help you identify bites in poor light conditions, allowing you to fish with confidence. Sometimes the subtlest of takes are hard to detect, but the combined feature of the sensitive rod tip and white markings will ensure you can act quickly and improve your hook-up rate.

The rod blank is slim, with impressive power to weight ratio that you'll really have to experience to believe. The rod not only looks great on the beach but offers a fantastic medium fast action. Therefore you will be able to cover a wide range of fishing situations and conditions. Heavy surf, light winds, rough ground, it does the lot! It really is a far superior piece of fishing tackle for all types of surf, beach fishing, and shore casting.

The Greys GR100S Beach Rod boasts Fuji line guides, which allow you to fish with a range of braids, monos, and fluorocarbons with confidence. The rod also possesses one of Greys' very own sliding reel seats. This is a Grip-lock style seat which ensures you can fish with a whole host of surf casting reels for incredible results. The rod blank is finished with a full rubber shrink tube handle, offering superior grip throughout your fishing and ensuring that you can perform with cold or damp hands with ease.

There are two different versions of GRS currently available. The 13ft 4 inches gives you an optimal casting weight range of between 4oz and 6oz. The second option is 13ft 9 inches and can cast leads weighing 5oz and 7oz. This longer rod is ideal for slightly longer casting, and its heftier casting range means that it is somewhat better suited to more abundant species. Both rods perform well across the board, however, and both are two-piece outfits to ensure that they are easy to transport without sacrificing any of the rod's performance.

So if you are looking for a superior quality beach rod that can do everything, and can cope with the challenges of both UK and Worldwide saltwater shore fishing, you really won't find a better rod on the market.

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