Sufix Super 21 Fluorocarbon

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The new Sufix Super 21® FC fluorocarbon line is nearly invisible in the water, making it ideal for stealthy presentations. The fluorocarbon line is extremely abrasion resistant and durable for fishing rough structure and tough-mouthed fish and still supple enough for excellent casting performance. Fluorocarbon sinks four times faster than nylon monofilament line, allowing the presentation to sink quickly into the strike zone. This fluorocarbon handles exceptionally well for spinning and casting reels. Spooled with Sufix's exclusive G2 Precision Winding, there's virtually no line memory out from the spool.

Fluorocarbon's other great benefit is that the line will never absorb water, no matter how long it's submerged. This keeps the line's structural integrity in top condition, providing unparalleled knot and shock strength.

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeLengthColourDiameterBreaking StrainRRPPriceOnhand
SU10862ASU470496150mClear0.14mm4lbN/A£10.49In stock
SU10863ASU470346150mClear0.16mm6lbN/A£10.49In stock
SU10865ASU470347150mClear0.18mm7lbN/A£10.49In stock
SU10864ASU470272150mPink0.18mm7lbN/A£9.99In stock
SU10869ASU470349150mClear0.25mm12lbN/A£10.49In stock
SU10866ASU470286150mPink0.2mm8lbN/A£9.99In stock
SU10867ASU470348150mClear0.2mm8lbN/A£10.49In stock
SU10871ASU470350150mClear0.28mm14lbN/A£10.49In stock
SU10870ASU470288150mPink0.28mm14lbN/A£9.99Last 1 remaining!
SU10873ASU470351150mClear0.3mm17lbN/A£11.99In stock
SU10872ASU470289150mPink0.3mm17lbN/A£10.99Will ship in approx. 17 days.
SU10875ASU470352150mClear0.35mm20lbN/A£13.49Temporarily out of stock
SU10877ASU470353150mClear0.4mm28lbN/A£14.49In stock
SU10886ASU47049350mCosmetic G2 Clear0.14mm4lbN/A£6.99Will ship in approx. 17 days.
SU10887ASU47049450mCosmetic G2 Clear0.16mm6lbN/A£6.99Will ship in approx. 17 days.
SU10888ASU47049550mCosmetic G2 Clear0.18mm7lbN/A£6.99Will ship in approx. 17 days.
SU10890ASU47032950mCosmetic G2 Clear0.25mm12lbN/A£6.99Will ship in approx. 17 days.
SU10889ASU47032850mCosmetic G2 Clear0.2mm8lbN/A£6.99Will ship in approx. 17 days.
SU10891ASU47033050mCosmetic G2 Clear0.28mm14lbN/A£6.99Will ship in approx. 17 days.
SU10892ASU47033150mCosmetic G2 Clear0.3mm17lbN/A£7.99Will ship in approx. 17 days.
SU10893ASU47033250mCosmetic G2 Clear0.33mm18lbN/A£8.49Will ship in approx. 17 days.
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