Berkley Sick Braid

Berkley Sick Braid

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Berkley SICK 8 strand PE braid, super smooth high-performance line with low stretch and high knot strength. Because of the Nano coating with microcrystalline polymer, it is very abrasion resistant. SICK lines are designed to fishing for Pike, Zander, Perch and Trout.

  • Zero stretch: for exceptional sensitivity helps you catching fish in the most challenging conditions
  • Superior Knot Strength: Berkley SICK 8 strand PE lines ensure rock solid and secure knots
  • High Performance and long-distance casting: Sick lines with high-tech Nano
  • Microcrystalline that offers great high abrasion resistance and extreme smoothness for further casting
  • Multipurpose: Berkley SICK PE braid is designed for catching all predator fish swimming in Berkley's European waters like; Pike, Zander, Perch or Trout

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeColourDiameterLengthBreak StrengthRRPPriceOnhand
PU143521558593Moss Green0.06150m12lbN/A£22.99In stock
PU143531558594Moss Green0.08150m13lbN/A£22.99In stock
PU143541558595Moss Green0.10150m16lbN/A£22.99In stock
PU143551558596Moss Green0.12150m24lbN/A£22.99In stock
PU143561558597Moss Green0.14150m36lbN/A£22.99In stock
PU143571558598Moss Green0.19150m39lbN/A£22.99In stock
PU143581558729Moss Green0.23150m52lbN/A£22.99In stock
PU143591558730Moss Green0.29150m58lbN/A£22.99In stock
PU143621558733Moss Green0.06300m12lb£43.99£40.00In stock
PU143631558734Moss Green0.08300m13lb£43.99£40.00In stock
PU143641558735Moss Green0.10300m16lb£43.99£40.00In stock
PU143651558736Moss Green0.12300m24lb£43.99£40.00In stock
PU143661558737Moss Green0.14300m36lb£43.99£40.00In stock
PU143671558738Moss Green0.19300m39lb£43.99£40.00In stock
PU143681558739Moss Green0.23300m52lb£43.99£40.00In stock
PU143691558740Moss Green0.29300m58lb£43.99£40.00In stock
PU143731558744Hi-Viz Yellow0.08150m13lbN/A£22.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
PU143741558745Hi-Viz Yellow0.10150m16lbN/A£22.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
PU143761558747Hi-Viz Yellow0.14150m36lbN/A£22.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
PU143771558748Hi-Viz Yellow0.19150m39lbN/A£22.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
PU143791558750Hi-Viz Yellow0.29150m58lbN/A£22.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
PU143831558754Hi-Viz Yellow0.08300m13lbN/A£43.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
PU143841558755Hi-Viz Yellow0.10300m16lbN/A£43.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
PU143851558756Hi-Viz Yellow0.12300m24lbN/A£43.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
PU143861558757Hi-Viz Yellow0.14300m36lbN/A£43.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
PU143871558758Hi-Viz Yellow0.19300m39lbN/A£43.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
PU143881558759Hi-Viz Yellow0.23300m52lbN/A£43.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
PU143901558761Hi-Viz Yellow0.33300m83lbN/A£43.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
PU143931558764Red0.08150m13lbN/A£22.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
PU143941558765Red0.10150m16lbN/A£22.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
PU143951558766Red0.12150m24lbN/A£22.99In stock
PU143971558768Red0.19150m39lbN/A£22.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
PU144021558773Red0.06300m12lbN/A£43.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
PU144031558774Red0.08300m13lbN/A£43.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
PU144041558775Red0.10300m16lbN/A£43.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
PU144051558776Red0.12300m24lbN/A£43.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
PU144061558777Red0.14300m36lbN/A£43.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
PU144071558778Red0.19300m39lbN/A£43.99In stock
PU144081558779Red0.23300m52lbN/A£43.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
PU144091558780Red0.29300m58lbN/A£43.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
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