Sakura Sensibraid 4

Sakura Sensibraid 4

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Product Description

Specially designed for all forms of fishing disciplines, the SAKURA SENSIBRAID 4X braid is made up of 4 strands 100% PE. Tested around the world, in freshwater and at sea on all kinds of predators, its incredible price makes it a braid accessible to all without sacrificing quality. Test it yourself, you will see how unique its value for money!

  • "High Performance" formula
  • very high abrasion resistance
  • Superior tensile strength
  • Zero elasticity
  • 100% high modulus PE
  • Green, chartreuse or yellow colour
  • Wide choice of windings

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeColourDiameterBreakingSpool CapcityRRPPriceOnhand
SK2642SAPLE40010.08-CHAChartreuse0.08mm6kg / 13.2lb150m£10.99£7.99Will ship in approx. 23 days.
SK2635SAPLE40010.08-GREGreen0.08mm6kg / 13.2lb150m£10.99£7.99In stock
SK2636SAPLE40010.10-GREGreen0.10mm7kg / 15.4lb150m£10.99£7.99In stock
SK2637SAPLE40010.12-GREGreen0.12mm8kg / 17.6lb150m£10.99£7.99In stock
SK2638SAPLE40010.14-GREGreen0.14mm10kg / 22lb150m£10.99£7.99Temporarily out of stock (Avail: 25/10/2021)
SK2639SAPLE40010.16-GREGreen0.16mm11kg / 24.2lb150m£10.99£7.99Additional 2-3 days to ship.
SK2640SAPLE40010.18-GREGreen0.18mm12kg / 26.4lb150m£10.99£7.99Additional 2-3 days to ship.
SK2641SAPLE40010.20-GREGreen0.20mm14kg / 30.8lb150m£10.99£7.99In stock
SK2643SAPLE40010.10-CHAChartreuse0.10mm7kg / 15.4lb150m£10.99£7.99In stock
SK2644SAPLE40010.12-CHAChartreuse0.12mm8kg / 17.6lb150m£10.99£7.99In stock
SK2645SAPLE40010.14-CHAChartreuse0.14mm10kg / 22lb150m£10.99£7.99In stock
SK2646SAPLE40010.16-CHAChartreuse0.16mm11kg / 24.2lb150m£10.99£7.99Will ship in approx. 23 days.
SK2647SAPLE40010.18-CHAChartreuse0.18mm12kg / 26.4lb150m£10.99£7.99Will ship in approx. 23 days.
SK2648SAPLE40010.20-CHAChartreuse0.20mm14kg / 30.8lb150m£10.99£7.99Will ship in approx. 23 days.
SK2659SAPLE40040.20-GREGreen0.20mm14kg / 30.8lb1000m£54.99£49.99Will ship in approx. 23 days.
SK2660SAPLE40040.25-GREGreen0.25mm18kg / 39.6lbs1000m£54.99£49.99Will ship in approx. 23 days.
SK2661SAPLE40040.30-GREGreen0.30mm20kg / 44lbs1000m£54.99£49.99Will ship in approx. 23 days.
SK2662SAPLE40040.40-GREGreen0.40mm30kg / 66lbs1000m£54.99£49.99Will ship in approx. 23 days.
SK2663SAPLE40040.50-GREGreen0.50mm60kg / 132lbs1000m£54.99£49.99Will ship in approx. 23 days.
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