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Salmo Hornet Crankbait

Salmo Hornet Crankbait

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Product Description

The Hornet from Salmo hasn't gained its reputation as the hardest working crankbait in the world for nothing! Millions of Hornets are in the hands of anglers in dozens of countries and every day they're catching, helping anglers to fulfil their big fish dreams. From the time of its introduction to the market it's been an absolute best seller in Salmo's range. Hornet is effective for every species of fish, in any conditions. Just cast it out and retrieve, and Hornet will do the rest for you. Range of sizes available in sinking and Floating densities and in a wide array of colours available, making this series of lures irreplaceable both for pros or beginners.

  • In the Salmo offer since - 1995
  • Available sizes: 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 cm
  • Available versions: Floating (F) and Sinking (S)
  • 18 Deadly effective colours
  • Through-wire construction
  • Polycarbonate lip
  • Individually Hand Tuned & Tank Tested
  • Premium Black Nickel VMC Hooks

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ImageHousecodeSupplier codeFloating/SinkingLengthWeightColourRRPPriceOnhand
FO8619QHT005Sinking25mm1.5gBeetleN/A£6.99Will ship in approx. 15 days.
FO8621QHT003Sinking25mm1.5gGreen TigerN/A£6.99Will ship in approx. 15 days.
FO8623QHT007Sinking25mm1.5gHolographic Grey ShinerN/A£6.99In stock
FO8624QHT001Sinking25mm1.5gHot PerchN/A£6.99In stock
FO8625QHT008Sinking25mm1.5gReal DaceN/A£6.99Will ship in approx. 15 days.
FO8626QHT002Sinking25mm1.5gTroutN/A£6.99Will ship in approx. 15 days.
FO8627QHT013Floating35mm2.2gBeetleN/A£6.49Last 1 remaining!
FO8628QHT012Floating35mm2.2gGold Fluo PerchN/A£7.49In stock
FO8629QHT011Floating35mm2.2gGreen TigerN/A£7.49Will ship in approx. 15 days.
FO8631QHT015Floating35mm2.2gHolographic Grey ShinerN/A£7.49In stock
FO8633QHT016Floating35mm2.2gReal DaceN/A£7.49In stock
FO8634QHT010Floating35mm2.2gTroutN/A£7.49In stock
FO8635QHT021Sinking35mm2.6gBeetleN/A£7.49In stock
FO8637QHT019Sinking35mm2.6gGreen TigerN/A£7.49Will ship in approx. 15 days.
FO8639QHT023Sinking35mm2.6gHolographic Grey ShinerN/A£7.49Additional 2-3 days to ship.
FO8640QHT017Sinking35mm2.6gHot PerchN/A£7.49Will ship in approx. 15 days.
FO8641QHT024Sinking35mm2.6gReal DaceN/A£7.49Will ship in approx. 15 days.
FO8642QHT018Sinking35mm2.6gTroutN/A£7.49In stock
FO8651QHT029Floating40mm3gBeetleN/A£6.99Last 2 remaining!
FO8652QHT028Floating40mm3gGold Fluo PerchN/A£7.99In stock
FO8653QHT027Floating40mm3gGreen TigerN/A£7.99In stock
FO8655QHT031Floating40mm3gHolographic Grey ShinerN/A£7.99Will ship in approx. 15 days.
FO8656QHT025Floating40mm3gHot PerchN/A£7.99Will ship in approx. 15 days.
FO8657QHT032Floating40mm3gReal DaceN/A£7.99In stock
FO8658QHT026Floating40mm3gTroutN/A£7.99In stock
FO8659QHT037Sinking40mm4gBeetleN/A£7.99In stock
FO8661QHT035Sinking40mm4gGreen TigerN/A£7.99Will ship in approx. 15 days.
FO8663QHT039Sinking40mm4gHolographic Grey ShinerN/A£7.99Will ship in approx. 15 days.
FO8664QHT033Sinking40mm4gHot PerchN/A£7.99In stock
FO8665QHT040Sinking40mm4gReal DaceN/A£7.99In stock
FO8666QHT034Sinking40mm4gTroutN/A£7.99Will ship in approx. 15 days.
FO8668QHT044Floating50mm7gGold Fluo PerchN/A£8.29In stock
FO8669QHT043Floating50mm7gGreen TigerN/A£8.29In stock
FO8671QHT047Floating50mm7gHolographic Grey ShinerN/A£8.29In stock
FO8672QHT041Floating50mm7gHot PerchN/A£8.29In stock
FO8674QHT042Floating50mm7gTroutN/A£8.29In stock
FO8675QHT053Sinking50mm8gBeetleN/A£8.29In stock
FO8677QHT051Sinking50mm8gGreen TigerN/A£8.29In stock
FO8679QHT055Sinking50mm8gHolographic Grey ShinerN/A£8.29In stock
FO8680QHT049Sinking50mm8gHot PerchN/A£8.29Will ship in approx. 15 days.
FO8681QHT056Sinking50mm8gReal DaceN/A£8.29In stock
FO8682QHT050Sinking50mm8gTroutN/A£8.29Will ship in approx. 15 days.
FO8692QHT059Floating60mm10gGreen TigerN/A£8.49In stock
FO8694QHT063Floating60mm10gHolographic Grey ShinerN/A£8.49In stock
FO8695QHT057Floating60mm10gHot PerchN/A£8.49In stock
FO8697QHT058Floating60mm10gTroutN/A£7.99In stock
FO8700QHT067Sinking60mm14gGreen TigerN/A£8.49In stock
FO8702QHT070Sinking60mm14gHolographic Grey ShinerN/A£8.49In stock
FO8703QHT065Sinking60mm14gHot PerchN/A£8.49Additional 2-3 days to ship.
FO8706QHT078Floating90mm35gEmerald PerchN/A£13.99Will ship in approx. 15 days.
FO8708QHT074Floating90mm35gGreen TigerN/A£13.99Will ship in approx. 15 days.
FO8710QHT077Floating90mm35gHolographic Grey ShinerN/A£13.99Will ship in approx. 15 days.
FO8711QHT073Floating90mm35gHot PerchN/A£13.99Will ship in approx. 15 days.
FO8712QHT079Floating90mm35gReal RoachN/A£13.99In stock
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