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Strike Pro Guppie

Strike Pro Guppie

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£19.99 - £21.99

Product Description

The Guppie has been the gold standard for custom glidebaits since 2004. Due to the shape and precision weighting, the Guppie glides with ease on the lightest tap of the rod . Flashing its sides and wobbling with a slight belly wobble on each pause . Even a straight retrieve sends the Guppie on an exaggerated s-curve that drives big fish crazy!

In addition to the obvious good looks, the Guppie incorporates some unique design features that make it a top fish producer. The Guppie’s compact shape ensures that hook coverage is always maximised. While the convex body shaping from the top to the belly exposes the hook points for better hook sets. The body profiling also adds extra flash and belly roll.

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeSizeColourRRPPriceOnhand
DO4424RPPG-TR001G11cm 70gBurgers BirdN/A£19.99Ordered on request
DO6622RPPG-KG1811cm 70gMotorpikeN/A£19.99Will ship in approx. 11 days.
DO4426RPPG-TR003G11cm 70gGolden PerchN/A£19.99Will ship in approx. 11 days.
DO4427RPPG-TR004F11cm 70gPeterson ShinerN/A£19.99Ordered on request
DO4428RPPG-TR005G11cm 70gSparkle PonyN/A£19.99Ordered on request
DO4429RPPG-TR00611cm 70gThree KingsN/A£19.99Will ship in approx. 11 days.
DO4430RPPG-TR00711cm 70gCopper PikeN/A£19.99Ordered on request
DO4431RPPG-TR00811cm 70gSpotted BullheadN/A£19.99Will ship in approx. 11 days.
DO6625RPPG-TR01111cm 70gBrown SugarN/A£19.99Will ship in approx. 11 days.
DO4425RPPG-TR002G11cm 70gGlitter PikeN/A£19.99Ordered on request
DO6624RPPG-TR01011cm 70gRainbowN/A£19.99Ordered on request
DO6623RPPG-TR00911cm 70gBlue HeavenN/A£19.99Ordered on request
DO6628RPPGL-TR01013.5cm 120gRainbowN/A£21.99Will ship in approx. 11 days.
DO6627RPPGL-TR00913.5cm 120gBlue HeavenN/A£21.99Will ship in approx. 11 days.
DO6626RPPGL-KG1813.5cm 120gMotorpikeN/A£21.99Will ship in approx. 11 days.
DO4436RPPGL-TR005G13.5cm 120gSparkle PonyN/A£20.99In stock
DO4439RPPGL-TR00813.5cm 120gSpotted BullheadN/A£20.99Ordered on request
DO4438RPPGL-TR00713.5cm 120gCopper PikeN/A£20.99Will ship in approx. 11 days.
DO4437RPPGL-TR00613.5cm 120gThree KingsN/A£20.99Will ship in approx. 11 days.
DO4435RPPGL-TR004F13.5cm 120gPeterson ShinerN/A£20.99Will ship in approx. 11 days.
DO4434RPPGL-TR003G13.5cm 120gGolden PerchN/A£20.99In stock
DO4433RPPGL-TR002G13.5cm 120gGlitter PikeN/A£20.99Ordered on request
DO4432RPPGL-TR001G13.5cm 120gBurgers BirdN/A£20.99In stock
DO6629RPPGL-TR01113.5cm 120gBrown SugarN/A£21.99In stock
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