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The GAC Guide to Gore-Tex®

At Glasgow Angling Centre, we stock a vast range of clothing and boots for fishing and field sports, all made with various forms of waterproof and breathable material. One particular material which is used in some of our products is Gore-Tex®.

Gore-Tex® has become increasingly popular as a waterproof membrane and subsuquently more of our customers are choosing products which contain the material. As it's popularity has increased, we get asked questions on a regular basis regarding it's properties, functionality and protection. Therefore the following guide will help you understand the role Gore-Tex® plays in keeping you protected from the elements.

Where does Gore-Tex® come from?

Gore-Tex® is a performance fabric created by W.L Gore. W.L Gore is a U.S based company that was founded over 50 years ago. Their passion is fluoropolymer products. You can find W.L Gore products in several different products types, but the main point of interest in W.L Gore products at Glasgow Angling Centre is for the use of Gore-Tex high performance fabric in boots, waders, and in fishing, hunting, shooting and stalking jackets.

What is Gore-Tex®

Simply put, Gore-Tex® is a fabric used to make clothing garments and footwear both waterproof and breathable. Gore-Tex® material allows vapour to escape from inside the jacket and also stops water from penetrating the exterior of the jacket at the same time. This is a desirable feature of clothing as not only does this prevent you from becoming wet, it also allows your body to breathe and maintain a consistent temperature during your activities. The Gore-Tex® material is renowned for exceptional strength and durability compared to many other synthetic fibres. This makes it a popular choice when choosing outdoor clothing.

Gore-Tex Diagram

In which GAC products is Gore-Tex® fabric used?

Gore-Tex® fabric can be found in our Harkila jackets and boots and in Simms jackets and waders.

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