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Airflo Skagit Compact G2 Shooting Head

Airflo Skagit Compact G2 Shooting Head

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Product Description

In 2007, the original Skagit Compact from Airflo forever Changed the Game for Steelhead and Salmon fishermen in the Pacific northwest.

Airflo's new Skagit compact G2 head is also ideal for the UK and European angler in search of migratory salmon and trout species.

For the first time, casters could fish heavy tips and present flies deep in the water column, and do so with minimal effort. Never missing an opportunity to improve perfection, Tom Larimer and the Airflo Design Team are proud to introduce the evolution of Skagit technology with the finest tip tossing shooting head available today.

Airflo's new compact Skagit G2 head is also ideal for the UK and European angler in search of migratory salmon and trout species.

The Skagit Compact G2 is the culmination of thousands of hours of design, observation, and field testing. With a slightly shorter overall length, increased rear taper, and manipulation of material densities, the G2 requires less energy to cast, produces tight and precise loops, and possesses the most stable flight characteristics ever seen. Using Zone Technology, the back of the head is more buoyant for better tracking and improved mending capability, and the tip features increased density to drive the cast on layout, and reduce hinging at the looped connection with the sink tip. The G2 is built on the low stretch PowerCore for unsurpassed sensitivity, and includes the newest high-float Super-DRI technology.

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