Hardy SDSL Fly Reel

Hardy SDSL Fly Reel

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Hardy SD SL Fly Reel

When you are planning a trip to Cuba, Mexico or any other foreign saltwater fly fishing destination, one piece of kit that you can't compromise on is your fly reel. You need a reel that is exceptionally strong, reliable and able to withstand aggressive runs from Permit, Bonefish or Tarpon. You also need a reel that will not fail on you because it could, potentially, ruin your dream holiday. Hardy have anticipated all these scenarios and have designed a bit of kit that ticks all the boxes to offer maximum strength.

The Hardy SDLS Fly Reel is the culmination of many hours in the design room, and precision engineering processes to offer the saltwater fly angler the most lightweight piece of fishing tackle on the market. It has also undergone extreme testing in the field, pushing the boundaries to ensure its ultimate fail threshold falls way short of regular use.

It is a new entry into the saltwater fly reel market at a medium price point. It comes in four models. The smaller 600 reel can be used for light flats fishing; the larger reel for offshore work. And because you can spend days on the water, you need a system that is capable of generating the forces capable of taming your dream fish. Ater all, you may have travelled a long distance to achieve your fishing ambitions, so the last thing you want is your kit failing on you.

However, you can be confident this reel will not let you down. It's machined from bar stock 6061 aluminium which is then hard anodised for further protection against corrosion. It features a very attractive 2-tone silver and blue colour scheme and has a fully captive screw off spool release. To relase the spool, simply unscrew the blue cap and pop the spool off with your thumb and forefinger. There are no loose parts to worry about - that would be catastrophic - so you won't lose any springs or parts in your fly fishing barge, punt or boat.

One of the most outstanding features of this fly reel is the drag system. The SDSL features a fully sealed, saltwater-proof drag system that has five seals and features multiple carbon fiber discs to apply pressure on the spool. The drag allows up to 16lbs of pressure which can be smoothly applied to the fly reel spool if a fish decides to play hard. The drag is controlled by a 340-degree colour coded mechanism that is the mainstay of most modern Hardy reels these days. The advantage of the colour coded system allows you a simple check to see where the drag is set, decreasing the potential of applying too much pressure and the nightmare scenario of losing a decent fish. You can go from Green - little pressure, Amber - medium pressure, to Red - high pressure. The click drag is very audible which gives you positive feedback about how much drag pressure you are actually applying. It could potentially be the difference between snapping off or landing your target species.

Another great feature of the SD SL is that it is very strong but also very lightweight. It's fully machined from aero grade 6061 aluminium which is a medium to high strength, heat-treatable alloy with a strength ratio higher than other forms of high-grade aluminium. It offers exceptional corrosion resistance and has excellent fatigue strength. 6061 Aluminium is used in rail coaches, shipbuilding, truck frames, bridges and helicopter rotor skins so you can be satisfied that it will be strong enough to handle anything that crosses its path.

Regarding the drag, because it is entirely sealed, this significantly reduces the potential of premature spoiling of the internal mechanism so you can expect a long and productive relationship with this reel. The drag plates are constructed from carbon fibre which can withstand the high temperatures generated by high friction, i.e., playing a big fish on a tight drag setting. Excessive heat can cause the drag plates to wear down but the SDSL can take literally take the heat off.

Therefore, if you are planning a saltwater fishing trip abroad and you need a maintenance free fly reel that will not let you down in those crucial moments, you can have total confidence in the SDSL from Hardy Fly Fishing.

  • Full Barstock 6061 construction
  • Fully sealed saltwater safe drag system
  • Carbon Fibre disc drag system
  • Colour coded 340 degree drag regulator

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