Fulling Mill Streamer Eye Brass 10pc

Fulling Mill Streamer Eye Brass 10pc

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FFM0218ADEBG30GreenS 3.0mmN/A£3.50Will ship in approx. 10 days.
FFM0218AEEBG40GreenM 4.0mmN/A£3.50In stock
FFM0218AFEBG50GreenL 5.0mmN/A£3.50In stock
FFM0218AJEBP30PearlS 3.0mmN/A£3.50In stock
FFM0218AKEBP40PearlM 4.0mmN/A£3.50In stock
FFM0218ALEBP50PearlL 5.0mmN/A£3.50In stock
FFM0218AMEBR30RedS 3.0mmN/A£3.50In stock
FFM0218ANEBR40RedM 4.0mmN/A£3.50In stock
FFM0218AOEBR50RedL 5.0mmN/A£3.50In stock
FFM0218APEBY30Hot YellowS 3.0mmN/A£3.50In stock
FFM0218AQEBY40Hot YellowM 4.0mmN/A£3.50In stock
FFM0218AREBY50Hot YellowL 5.0mmN/A£3.50In stock
FFM0218AAEBC30Fluoro ChartreuseS 3.0mmN/A£3.50In stock
FFM0218ABEBC40Fluoro ChartreuseM 4.0mmN/A£3.50In stock
FFM0218ACEBC50Fluoro ChartreuseL 5.0mmN/A£3.50In stock
FFM0218AGEBO30Fluoro OrangeS 3.0mmN/A£3.50In stock
FFM0218AHEBO40Fluoro OrangeM 4.0mmN/A£3.50In stock
FFM0218AIEBO50Fluoro OrangeL 5.0mmN/A£3.50In stock
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