Stillwater Slotted Tungsten Beads 25pc

Stillwater Slotted Tungsten Beads 25pc

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FWY0003AABTI-08A-014 G 4mmGold4mm£7.99£4.99In stock
FWY0003ABBTI-08A-014 G 3.5mmGold3.5mm£7.99£4.99In stock
FWY0003ACBTI-08A-014 G 3mmGold3mm£7.99£4.99In stock
FWY0003ADBTI-08A-014 S 2.5mmGold2.5mm£7.99£4.99In stock
FWY0003AEBTI-08A-014 S 4mmSilver4mm£7.99£4.99In stock
FWY0003AFBTI-08A-014 S 3.5mmSilver3.5mm£7.99£4.99In stock
FWY0003AGBTI-08A-014 S 3mmSilver3mm£7.99£4.99In stock
FWY0003AHBTI-08A-014 S 2.5mmSilver2.5mm£7.99£4.99In stock
FWY0003AIBTI-08A-014 C 4mmCopper4mm£7.99£4.99In stock
FWY0003AJBTI-08A-014 C 3.5mmCopper3.5mm£7.99£4.99In stock
FWY0003AKBTI-08A-014 C 3mmCopper3mm£7.99£4.99In stock
FWY0003ALBTI-08A-014 C 2.5mmCopper2.5mm£7.99£4.99In stock
FWY0003AMBTI-08A-014 B 4mmBlack4mm£7.99£4.99In stock
FWY0003ANBTI-08A-014 B 3.5mmBlack3.5mm£7.99£4.99In stock
FWY0003AOBTI-08A-014 B 3mmBlack3mm£7.99£4.99In stock
FWY0003APBTI-08A-014 B 2.5mmBlack2.5mm£7.99£4.99In stock
FWY0003AQBTI-08A-014 FO 4mmFluoro Orange4mm£7.99£4.99In stock
FWY0003ARBTI-08A-014 FO 3.5mmFluoro Orange3.5mm£7.99£4.99In stock
FWY0003ASBTI-08A-014 FO 3mmFluoro Orange3mm£7.99£4.99In stock
FWY0003ATBTI-08A-014 FO 2.5mmFluoro Orange2.5mm£7.99£4.99In stock
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