Partridge SLF Standard Dubbing

Partridge SLF Standard Dubbing: SLFD8 Light Olive

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Product Description

Used as an alternative to seals fur for flies of all sizes from 2 down to size 18. It is better than seals fur because it handles well and the colours are strictly controlled and consistent.

Available Colours: SLFD1 Bright Green, SLFD2 Green Highlander, SLFD3 Insect Green, SLFD4 Dark Green, SLFD5 Medium Olive, SLFD6 Dark Olive, SLFD7 Green Olive, SLFD8 Light Olive, SLFD9 Olive Dun, SLFD10 Golden Olive, SLFD11 Brown Olive, SLFD12 Dark Claret, SLFD13 Fiery Claret, SLFD14 Light Claret, SLFD15 Hot Orange, SLFD16 Fiery Orange, SLFD17 Crimson, SLFD18 Fiery Red, SLFD19 Fiery Yellow, SLFD20 Yellow, SLFD21 Light Blue, SLFD22 Kingfisher Blue, SLFD23 Dark Blue, SLFD24 Teal Blue, SLFD25 Magenta, SLFD26 Purple, SLFD27 Violet, SLFD28 Grey, SLFD29 Iron Blue, SLFD30 Blue Dun, SLFD31 Dark Grey Dun, SLFD32 Summer Duck, SLFD33 Gold, SLFD34 Brassy Gold, SLFD35 Fiery Brown, SLFD36 Dark Brown, SLFD37 Rust Brown, SLFD38 Cinnamon, SLFD39 Beige, SLFD40 Ginger, SLFD41 Black, SLFD42 White, SLFD43 Fluorescent Yellow, SLFD44 Fluorescent Red, SLFD45 Fluorescent Orange, SLFD46 Fluorescent Lime Green, SLFD47 Fluorescent Pink, SLFD48 Natural Seal.

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeColourRRPPriceOnhand
FVE0108AASLFDP-01SLFD1 Bright GreenN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108AB000SLFDP/461/ZSLFD2 Green HighlanderN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108ADSLFDP-04SLFD4 Dark GreenN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108AE000SLFDP/464/ZSLFD5 Medium OliveN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108AF000SLFDP/465/ZSLFD6 Dark OliveN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108AGSLFDP-07SLFD7 Green OliveN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108AH000SLFDP/467/ZSLFD8 Light OliveN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108AI000SLFDP/468/ZSLFD9 Olive DunN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108AJSLFDP-10SLFD10 Golden OliveN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108AK000SLFDP/470/ZSLFD11 Brown OliveN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108AL000SLFDP/471/ZSLFD12 Dark ClaretN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108AM0000SLFDP/472/ZSLFD13 Fiery ClaretN/A£3.25Will ship in 2-3 days.
FVE0108AN000SLFDP/473/ZSLFD14 Light ClaretN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108AOSLFDP-15SLFD15 Hot OrangeN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108APSLFDP-16SLFD16 Fiery OrangeN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108AQSLFDP-17SLFD17 CrimsonN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108ARSLFDP-18SLFD18 Fiery RedN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108AS000SLFDP/478/ZSLFD19 Fiery YellowN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108ATSLFDP-20SLFD20 YellowN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108AUSLFDP-21SLFD21 Light BlueN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108AVSLFDP-22SLFD22 Kingfisher BlueN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108AWSLFDP-23SLFD23 Dark BlueN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108AXSLFDP-24SLFD24 Teal BlueN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108AY000SLFDP/484/ZSLFD25 MagentaN/A£3.25Ordered on request
FVE0108AZSLFDP-26SLFD26 PurpleN/A£3.25Temporarily out of stock
FVE0108BASLFDP-27SLFD27 VioletN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108BBSLFDP-28SLFD28 GreyN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108BCSLFDP-29SLFD29 Iron BlueN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108BDSLFDP-30SLFD30 Blue DunN/A£3.25Ordered on request
FVE0108BESLFDP-31SLFD31 Dark Grey DunN/A£3.25Ordered on request
FVE0108BFSLFDP-32SLFD32 Summer DuckN/A£3.25Ordered on request
FVE0108BG000SLFDP/492/ZSLFD33 GoldN/A£3.25Ordered on request
FVE0108BISLFDP-35SLFD35 Fiery BrownN/A£3.25Will ship in 2-3 days.
FVE0108BJSLFDP-36SLFD36 Dark BrownN/A£3.25Ordered on request
FVE0108BKSLFDP-37SLFD37 Rust BrownN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108BL000SLFDP/497/ZSLFD38 CinnamonN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108BMSLFDP-39SLFD39 BeigeN/A£3.25Temporarily out of stock
FVE0108BNSLFDP-40SLFD40 GingerN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108BO000SLFDP/500/ZSLFD41 BlackN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108BPSLFDP-42SLFD42 WhiteN/A£3.25Ordered on request
FVE0108BQSLFDP-43SLFD43 Fluorescent YellowN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108BR000SLFDP/503/ZSLFD44 Fluorescent RedN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108BSSLFDP-45SLFD45 Fluorescent OrangeN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108BT000SLFDP/505/ZSLFD46 Fluorescent Lime GreenN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108BU000SLFDP/506/ZSLFD47 Fluorescent PinkN/A£3.25In stock
FVE0108BV000SLFDP/507/ZSLFD48 Natural SealN/A£3.25In stock
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Store Address
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