Thin Skin

Thin Skin

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Thin skin is .004” thick and can be used on flies down to a size 18. It is stretchable & transparent with a matte finish on one side and a shiny finish on the other. The backing makes it easy to cut to width. Uses include nymph wing cases and backs for hog louse, crayfish and shrimps.

Standard Colours: Clear, Burnt Orange, Grey, Tan, Ginger, Brown, Rusty Brown, Red, Light Olive, Olive, Black, Amber, Grey Brown, Chartreuse, Shrimp Pink.

Mottled Bustard: Natural, Yellow, Orange, Olive, Black.
Mottled Oak: Natural, Orange, Olive, Golden Stone, Black.
Speckled: Clear/ Black, Tan/ Black, Olive/ Black, Czech, Mini C/B.

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeTypeRRPPriceOnhand
FDR0092AA0000TSSC-060-ZStandard, ClearN/A£4.25In stock
FDR0092AB0000TSSC-044-ZStandard, Burnt OrangeN/A£4.25In stock
FDR0092AD0000TSSC-366-ZStandard, TanN/A£4.25In stock
FDR0092AF0000TSSC-038-ZStandard, BrownN/A£4.25In stock
FDR0092AJ0000TSSC-234-ZStandard, OliveN/A£4.25In stock
FDR0092AK0000TSSC-021-ZStandard, BlackN/A£4.25In stock
FDR0092AN0000TSSC-050-ZStandard, ChartreuseN/A£4.25In stock
FDR0092AO0000TSSC-347-ZStandard, Shrimp PinkN/A£4.25In stock
FDR0092AV0000TSMO-234-ZMottled Oak, OliveN/A£4.25In stock
FDR0092AY0000TSMO-258-ZMottled Oak, NaturalN/A£4.25In stock
FDR0092AZ0000TSSP-064-ZSpeckled, Clear/ BlackN/A£4.25In stock
FDR0092BA0000TSSP-367-ZSpeckled, Tan/ BlackN/A£4.25In stock
FDR0092BB0000TSSP-412-ZSpeckled, Olive/ BlackN/A£4.25In stock
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