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Flybox Eggstasy

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Eggstasy is a revolutionary product for tying egg-flies. Unlike standard egg-yarn, which involves spinning yarn, Eggstasy is built on a core which means you can simply tie it like a chenille. The other huge difference that sets Eggstasy apart from other yarns is the fibre itself. It’s the first material to be made from ‘Next Generation’ (NX-Gen Fibre). This is a game-changing synthetic. NX-Gen Fibres are micro thin and are designed to trap water forming an almost slush-like texture when wet. Almost like a sponge. The fibres are also translucent which allows light to travel through the egg/blob – unlike standard Egg Yarn. NX-Gen Fibre has great movement, unlike egg yarn which remains static. In the water the egg looks almost life-like. Please note – The photos of each Colour show them in their wet, slsuh state because there is a 30% colour change when wet.

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeColourRRPPriceOnhand
FFB0001AA5055332800052UV WhiteN/A£3.50In stock
FFB0001AB5055332800069FL CheeseN/A£3.50In stock
FFB0001AC5055332800076Candy PinkN/A£3.50In stock
FFB0001AD5055332800083Pink SalmonN/A£3.50In stock
FFB0001AE5055332800090Hot PinkN/A£3.50In stock
FFB0001AF5055332800106SockeyeN/A£3.50In stock
FFB0001AG5055332800113FL PeachN/A£3.50In stock
FFB0001AH5055332800120FL YellowN/A£3.50In stock
FFB0001AI5055332800137FL SunburstN/A£3.50In stock
FFB0001AJ5055332800144Fire OrangeN/A£3.50In stock
FFB0001AK5055332800151Blood RedN/A£3.50In stock
FFB0001AL5055332800168FL RedN/A£3.50In stock
FFB0001AM5055332800175ChartreuseN/A£3.50In stock
FFB0001AN5055332800182Salmon RoeN/A£3.50In stock
FFB0001AO5055332800199MojitoN/A£3.50In stock
FFB0001AP5055332800205SweetcornN/A£3.50In stock
FFB0001AQ5055332800212BlackN/A£3.50In stock
FFB0001AR5055332807433SpearmintN/A£3.50In stock
FFB0001AS5055332807440Spearmint Vs MojitoN/A£3.50In stock
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