Veniard Antron Body Yarn ABY

Veniard Antron Body Yarn ABY

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Multi-trilobal filaments in a single strand yarn with bright highlights used for parachutes, overbodies, legs, tails and trailing shucks. Similar to z-lon.

Often used as a heavy shiny floss on large flies or split for use on smaller flies

Available Colours: White, Black, Claret, Dark Brown, Fl. Lime, Fl. Orange, Fl. Pink, Fl. Red, Fl. Yellow, Green, Grey, Olive, Orange, Tan/Lt Brown, Lime Green, Shell Pink, Yellow.

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeColourRRPPriceOnhand
FDR0014AP00000ABY-021-ZBlackN/A£1.99In stock
FDR0014AL00000ABY-059-ZClaretN/A£1.99In stock
FDR0014AJ00000ABY-085-ZDark BrownN/A£1.99In stock
FDR0014BG00000ABY-124-ZFl. LimeN/A£1.99In stock
FDR0014AZ00000ABY-126-ZFluorescent OrangeN/A£1.99In stock
FDR0014BH00000ABY-128-ZFl. PinkN/A£1.99In stock
FDR0014AX00000ABY-129-ZFluorescent RedN/A£1.99In stock
FDR0014AY00000ABY-137-ZFluorescent YellowN/A£1.99In stock
FDR0014AM00000ABY-156-ZGreenN/A£1.99In stock
FDR0014AS00000ABY-163-ZGreyN/A£1.99In stock
FDR0014AH00000ABY-206-ZLight BrownN/A£1.99In stock
FDR0014BI00000ABY-218-ZLimeN/A£1.99In stock
FDR0014AV00000ABY-234-ZOliveN/A£1.99In stock
FDR0014AE00000ABY-280-ZOrangeN/A£1.99In stock
FDR0014BB00000ABY-287-ZPeachN/A£1.99In stock
FDR0014AA00000ABY-391-ZWhiteN/A£1.99In stock
FDR0014AC00000ABY-395-ZLight YellowN/A£1.99In stock
FVE0547AB00000ABY-576-ZMixed Fluorescent ColoursN/A£2.99In stock
FVE0547AA00000ABY-577-ZMixed Standard ColoursN/A£2.99In stock
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