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Loon Outdoors UV Fly Finish

Loon Outdoors UV Fly Finish

Ordered on Request (Avail: 2021-02-15)

Product Description

UV Fly Finish is the colored UV resin companion to UV Clear Fly Finish and does exactly what you want it to do: instantly provide color and complexity to flies. The “Hot” colors are perfect for adding hot spots and trigger points, providing a subtle glow. Lighter colors offer a life-like translucence, presenting the opportunity to build flies with a depth that couldn’t be achieved otherwise.

  • Cures with Loon UV light
  • Instantly adds color to flies
  • Perfect for hot spots

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeColourRRPPriceOnhand
FGU0099AHF0721RedN/A£17.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2021-02-15)
FGU0099AIF0722BlueN/A£17.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2021-02-15)
FGU0099AJF0723OrangeN/A£17.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2021-02-15)
FGU0099AKF0724YellowN/A£17.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2021-02-15)
FGU0099ALF0725OliveN/A£17.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2021-02-15)
FGU0099AMF0726WhiteN/A£17.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2021-02-15)
FGU0099ANF0727SmokeN/A£17.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2021-02-15)
FGU0099AOF0728BlackN/A£17.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2021-02-15)
FGU0099APF0729BrownN/A£17.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2021-02-15)
FGU0099AQF0730Hot RedN/A£17.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2021-12-31)
FGU0099ARF0731Hot BlueN/A£17.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2021-02-15)
FGU0099ASF0732Hot OrangeN/A£17.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2021-12-31)
FGU0099ATF0733Hot YellowN/A£17.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2021-02-15)
FGU0099AUF0734Hot GreenN/A£17.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2021-02-15)
FGU0099AVF0735Hot PinkN/A£17.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2021-02-15)
FGU0099AWF0736Hot PurpleN/A£17.99Ordered on Request (Avail: 2021-02-15)
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