Strike Pro Miuras Mouse Jerk Baits

Strike Pro Miuras Mouse Jerk Baits

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Product Description

Miuras Mouse is an unique blend of bucktail and a plastic tail providing a swimming action during retrieve that is an almost irresistible target for a hungry pike.
You can fish the Miuras Mouse extremely slow and maintain exceptional control even during windy conditions and fast drift fishing with the boat.
Available in Two Sizes the Big 23cm 95g and Mini 20cm 60g
Another important feature of the Miuras Mouse is the ability to move a lot of water. This combination gives Miuras Mouse an unequaled big fish catching ability - especially when the fishing is slow and in pressured waters.
23cm, 95g. Miuras Mouse design is originated from the Italian lure craftsman Maurizio "Miura" Carini. The time put in to the development of the Miuras Mouse has been well spent, during the years it has proven it's place in numerous anglers lure selections having accounted for many huge fish.
We are proud to present the Miuras Mouse by Strike Pro Catch With Care. Check out the winning fish that fell to a Mouse on Fly vs Jerk 10 around 35mins into the episode below.

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ImageHousecodeSupplier codePatternSizeRRPPriceOnhand
DO6581RPMMB-001Ice CreamBig 23cm 95g£38.99£37.99In stock
DO6582RPMMB-002Red DevilBig 23cm 95gN/A£37.99Temporarily out of stock
DO6583RPMMB-003Spotted BullheadBig 23cm 95g£38.99£37.99Will ship in approx. 12 days.
DO6584RPMMB-004Purple HeartBig 23cm 95g£38.99£37.99In stock
DO6585RPMMB-005BatmanBig 23cm 95g£38.99£37.99In stock
DO6586RPMMB-006MelonBig 23cm 95g£38.99£37.99In stock
DO6587RPMMB-007SunburstBig 23cm 95gN/A£37.99Temporarily out of stock
DO6588RPMMB-008BaitfishBig 23cm 95g£38.99£37.99In stock
DO6589RPMMB-009Yellow FeverBig 23cm 95g£38.99£37.99In stock
DO6590RPMMB-010White ChristmasBig 23cm 95g£38.99£37.99In stock
DO6591RPMMB-011Pink PantherBig 23cm 95g£38.99£37.99In stock
DO6592RPMMB-012DraculaBig 23cm 95g£38.99£37.99In stock
DO6593RPMMB-013SunsetBig 23cm 95g£38.99£37.99In stock
DO6601RPMMM-001Ice CreamMini 20cm 60gN/A£35.99Temporarily out of stock
DO6602RPMMM-003Spotted BullheadMini 20cm 60gN/A£35.99In stock
DO6603RPMMM-004Purple HeartMini 20cm 60gN/A£35.99In stock
DO6604RPMMM-005BatmanMini 20cm 60gN/A£35.99In stock
DO6605RPMMM-006MelonMini 20cm 60gN/A£35.99Will ship in approx. 12 days.
DO6606RPMMM-008BaitfishMini 20cm 60gN/A£35.99In stock
DO6607RPMMM-009Yellow FeverMini 20cm 60gN/A£35.99Temporarily out of stock
DO6608RPMMM-010White ChristmasMini 20cm 60gN/A£35.99In stock
DO6609RPMMM-011Pink PantherMini 20cm 60gN/A£35.99In stock
DO6610RPMMM-012DraculaMini 20cm 60gN/A£35.99Temporarily out of stock
DO6611RPMMM-013SunsetMini 20cm 60gN/A£35.99Will ship in approx. 12 days.
DO8308RPMMB-014Fire TigerBig 23cm 95g£38.99£37.99In stock
DO8309RPMMB-015Baby BrownBig 23cm 95g£38.99£37.99In stock
DO8311RPMMM-014Fire TigerMini 20cm 60gN/A£35.99Temporarily out of stock
DO8312RPMMM-015Baby BrownMini 20cm 60gN/A£35.99In stock
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