Berkley Fusion19 Snap Jigs

Berkley Fusion19 Snap Jigs

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Product Description

The Berkley Fusion19™ Snap Jig is a versatile action jig head that pairs with your favourite soft plastics. The Snap Jig can be fished vertically over structure or for suspended fish in open water or ice. It can also be fished cast and retrieve for side to side and backward and forward dynamic darting action.

  • Versatile action jig
  • Cast, snap, retrieve, or vertically jig
  • Dynamic darting action
  • Naturally glides on the fall
  • 2 Jigs per pack - All Sizes

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeWeightHook SizeColourPer PackRRPPriceOnhand
PU904215058993/4oz - 21g6/0Firetiger2£12.79£10.00Last 1 remaining!
PU904315059043/4oz - 21g6/0Goby2£12.79£10.00Last 2 remaining!
PU904515059093/4oz - 21g4/0Firetiger2£13.99£10.00In stock
PU904815059191/2oz - 14g5/0Firetiger2£13.99£10.00In stock
PU904915059241/2oz - 14g5/0Goby2£12.79£10.00Last 2 remaining!
PU905115059291/2oz - 14g3/0Firetiger2£13.99£10.00In stock
PU905415059393/8oz - 10.6g5/0Firetiger2£13.99£10.00In stock
PU905515059443/8oz - 10.6g5/0Goby2£12.79£10.00Last 2 remaining!
PU905715059493/8oz - 10.6g1/0Firetiger2£13.99£10.00In stock
PU905815059543/8oz - 10.6g1/0Goby2£12.79£10.00Last 1 remaining!
PU906015059591/4oz - 7.2g4/0Firetiger2£13.99£10.00In stock
PU906115059641/4oz - 7.2g4/0Goby2£12.79£10.00Last 1 remaining!
PU906315059691/4oz - 7.2g1/0Firetiger2£13.99£10.00In stock
PU906715059843/16oz - 5.3g4/0Goby2£12.79£10.00Last 1 remaining!
PU906915059893/16oz - 5.3g1/0Firetiger2£13.99£10.00In stock
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