Mikado Jaws Classic Jig Head

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The name says it all – Classic yet not average. The Jig heads are made with solid hooks and a well balanced weighted head. Another important feature is a hook size is noted on the head – how many times have you dropped the bag of the jig heads and got stuck wondering what hook size did you just pick up from your box? Well with the innovative hook size description next to standard weight information, JAWS CLASSIC jig-heads send the uncertainty into the past

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeHook SizeWeightPer PackRRPPriceOnhand
MK0431OMGJC-10-1/0-BN1/0N/A£2.25In stock
MK0432OMGJC-10-2/0-BN2/0N/A£2.25In stock
MK0431OMGJC-10-1/0-BN1/010g3N/A£2.25In stock
MK0443OMGJC-15-1/0-BN1/015g3N/A£2.25In stock
MK0432OMGJC-10-2/0-BN2/010g3N/A£2.25In stock
MK0444OMGJC-15-2/0-BN2/015g3N/A£2.50In stock
MK0449OMGJC-20-2/0-BN2/020g3N/A£2.50In stock
MK0458OMGJC-30-2/0-BN2/030g3N/A£3.25In stock
MK0467OMGJC-40-2/0-BN2/040g3N/A£4.25In stock
MK0445OMGJC-15-3/0-BN3/015g3N/A£2.50In stock
MK0450OMGJC-20-3/0-BN3/020g3N/A£2.50In stock
MK0459OMGJC-30-3/0-BN3/030g3N/A£3.25In stock
MK0468OMGJC-40-3/0-BN3/040g3N/A£4.25In stock
MK0471OMGJC-50-3/0-BN3/050g3N/A£4.50In stock
MK0446OMGJC-15-4/0-BN4/015g3N/A£2.50In stock
MK0451OMGJC-20-4/0-BN4/020g3N/A£2.99In stock
MK0460OMGJC-30-4/0-BN4/030g3N/A£3.50In stock
MK0469OMGJC-40-4/0-BN4/040g3N/A£4.25In stock
MK0472OMGJC-50-4/0-BN4/050g3N/A£4.50In stock
MK0447OMGJC-15-5/0-BN5/015g3N/A£2.75In stock
MK0452OMGJC-20-5/0-BN5/020g3N/A£2.99In stock
MK0461OMGJC-30-5/0-BN5/030g3N/A£3.50In stock
MK0470OMGJC-40-5/0-BN5/040g3N/A£4.25In stock
MK0473OMGJC-50-5/0-BN5/050g3N/A£4.99In stock
MK0448OMGJC-15-6/0-BN6/015g3N/A£2.75In stock
MK0453OMGJC-20-6/0-BN6/020g3N/A£2.99In stock
MK0462OMGJC-30-6/0-BN6/030g3N/A£3.99In stock
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