Mikado Cheburashka Weights

Mikado Cheburashka Weights

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The Mikado Cheburashka Weights are perfectly weighted Drop weights which are designed to add more sinking weight to your soft lures. A cheburashka mounted lure weight allows your lure to move freely from the hook- unlike in standard jig heads, which are permanently joined with the lead, thus stiffening the action of soft lures.

All sizes available with 5 weights to a pack.

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeWeightColourPer PackRRPPriceOnhand
MK0330OMGACY-22gGold5N/A£1.35Ordered on request
MK0337OMGACY-33gGold5N/A£1.35Ordered on request
MK0340OMGACY-44gGold5N/A£1.35Ordered on request
MK0342OMGACY-55gGold5N/A£1.35Ordered on request
MK0343OMGACY-66gGold5N/A£1.35Ordered on request
MK0344OMGACY-77gGold5N/A£1.35Ordered on request
MK0345OMGACY-88gGold5N/A£1.45Ordered on request
MK0325OMGACY-1010gGold5N/A£1.45Ordered on request
MK0326OMGACY-1212gGold5N/A£1.55Ordered on request
MK0327OMGACY-1414gGold5N/A£1.65Ordered on request
MK0328OMGACY-1616gGold5N/A£1.75Ordered on request
MK0329OMGACY-1818gGold5N/A£1.99Ordered on request
MK0331OMGACY-2020gGold5N/A£1.99Ordered on request
MK0332OMGACY-2222gGold5N/A£1.99Ordered on request
MK0333OMGACY-2424gGold5N/A£2.25Ordered on request
MK0334OMGACY-2525gGold5N/A£2.25Ordered on request
MK0335OMGACY-2626gGold5N/A£2.25Ordered on request
MK0336OMGACY-2828gGold5N/A£2.35Ordered on request
MK0338OMGACY-3030gGold5N/A£2.35Ordered on request
MK0339OMGACY-3535gGold5N/A£2.75Ordered on request
MK0341OMGACY-4040gGold5N/A£3.25Ordered on request
MK0324OMGACY-11gGold5N/A£1.35Ordered on request
MK0277OMGAC-22gSilver5N/A£1.99Temporarily out of stock
MK0278OMGAC-33gSilver5N/A£1.99Temporarily out of stock
MK0279OMGAC-44gSilver5N/A£1.99Temporarily out of stock
MK0280OMGAC-55gSilver5N/A£1.99Temporarily out of stock
MK0281OMGAC-66gSilver5N/A£1.99Temporarily out of stock
MK0282OMGAC-77gSilver5N/A£1.99Temporarily out of stock
MK0283OMGAC-88gSilver5N/A£1.99In stock
MK0284OMGAC-1010gSilver5N/A£1.99Temporarily out of stock
MK0285OMGAC-1212gSilver5N/A£1.99Temporarily out of stock
MK0286OMGAC-1414gSilver5N/A£1.99Temporarily out of stock
MK0287OMGAC-1616gSilver5N/A£1.99Ordered on request
MK0288OMGAC-1818gSilver5N/A£1.99Ordered on request
MK0289OMGAC-2020gSilver5N/A£1.99Temporarily out of stock
MK0290OMGAC-2222gSilver5N/A£1.99Ordered on request
MK0291OMGAC-2424gSilver5N/A£2.25In stock
MK0292OMGAC-2525gSilver5N/A£2.25Temporarily out of stock
MK0293OMGAC-2626gSilver5N/A£2.25Ordered on request
MK0294OMGAC-2828gSilver5N/A£2.25Ordered on request
MK0295OMGAC-3030gSilver5N/A£2.35Temporarily out of stock
MK0296OMGAC-3535gSilver5N/A£2.50Temporarily out of stock
MK0297OMGAC-4040gSilver5N/A£2.99Temporarily out of stock
MK0298OMGACG-55gGreen5N/A£1.35Ordered on request
MK0299OMGACG-66gGreen5N/A£1.35Ordered on request
MK0300OMGACG-77gGreen5N/A£1.35Ordered on request
MK0301OMGACG-88gGreen5N/A£1.45Ordered on request
MK0303OMGACR-22gRed5N/A£1.99Ordered on request
MK0304OMGACR-33gRed5N/A£1.99Ordered on request
MK0305OMGACR-44gRed5N/A£1.99Ordered on request
MK0306OMGACR-55gRed5N/A£1.99Temporarily out of stock
MK0307OMGACR-66gRed5N/A£1.99Ordered on request
MK0308OMGACR-77gRed5N/A£1.99Ordered on request
MK0309OMGACR-88gRed5N/A£1.99Ordered on request
MK0310OMGACR-1010gRed5N/A£1.99Temporarily out of stock
MK0311OMGACR-1212gRed5N/A£1.99Ordered on request
MK0312OMGACR-1414gRed5N/A£1.99Ordered on request
MK0313OMGACR-1616gRed5N/A£1.99Ordered on request
MK0314OMGACR-1818gRed5N/A£2.25Ordered on request
MK0315OMGACR-2020gRed5N/A£2.25Temporarily out of stock
MK0316OMGACR-2222gRed5N/A£2.35Ordered on request
MK0317OMGACR-2424gRed5N/A£2.50Ordered on request
MK0318OMGACR-2525gRed5N/A£2.50Ordered on request
MK0319OMGACR-2626gRed5N/A£2.60Ordered on request
MK0320OMGACR-2828gRed5N/A£2.99Ordered on request
MK0321OMGACR-3030gRed5N/A£2.99Temporarily out of stock
MK0322OMGACR-3535gRed5N/A£3.50Ordered on request
MK0323OMGACR-4040gRed5N/A£3.75Ordered on request
MK0302OMGACR-11gRed5N/A£1.99Ordered on request
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Store Address
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