DAM Effzett Spinner Reflex

DAM Effzett Spinner Reflex

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he work of these lures has been brought to absolute perfection. The shape of the pallet and the production technology are backed by the experience of millions of items sold around the world. The right balance between the body and the paddle guarantees extremely long and precise casts. The new bait designs introduced are based on the experience in production, the ideas of anglers from around the world and dozens of hours of testing. This is why you can always rely on the Effzett lures to work.

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeColourWeightRRPPriceOnhand
DM07155124101Silver3g£2.99£1.99Temporarily out of stock (Avail: 02/02/2022)
DM01685124102Silver4g£3.29£2.39Temporarily out of stock (Avail: 02/02/2022)
DM01695124103Silver6g£3.29£2.39Temporarily out of stock (Avail: 15/08/2022)
DM01705124104Silver10g£3.49£2.59Temporarily out of stock (Avail: 15/03/2022)
DM01715124105Silver12g£3.69£2.79Temporarily out of stock (Avail: 02/02/2022)
DM01725124106Silver20g£3.99£2.99In stock
DM07165124201Yellow3g£2.99£1.99In stock
DM01735124202Yellow4g£3.29£2.39In stock
DM01745124203Yellow6g£3.29£2.39In stock
DM01755124204Yellow10g£3.49£2.59Temporarily out of stock (Avail: 09/04/2022)
DM01765124205Yellow12g£3.69£2.79Temporarily out of stock (Avail: 09/04/2022)
DM01775124206Yellow20g£3.99£2.99In stock
DM01785124302Red4g£3.29£2.39In stock
DM01795124303Red6g£3.29£2.39Temporarily out of stock (Avail: 15/03/2022)
DM01805124304Red10g£3.49£2.59Temporarily out of stock (Avail: 02/02/2022)
DM01815124305Red12g£3.69£2.79Temporarily out of stock (Avail: 02/02/2022)
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