Mepps Aglia Long Spinner Loose Lure

Mepps Aglia Long Spinner Loose Lure

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Mepps Aglia Long: same lure less packaging
A deep running willow leaf spinner. Its blade hugs the body of the spinner during the retrieve, allowing it to stay in deep pockets long enough to attract the wariest fish.

The Mepps Aglia Long features unsurpassed Mepps quality throughout. Here are some reasons why the Mepps Aglia Long will help you catch more fish:

  • Strong and durable, imperfection-free, Swedish Sandvic stainless steel shaft wound and clipped in a manner to securely hold the entire lure together. Sandvic stainless steel is of the highest quality and will not break, rust or corrode even after repeatedly landing fish.
  • Precisely machined, solid brass components are perfectly balanced to maintain maximum stability at all retrieval speeds. Poured components do not possess the same uniformity and lack the ability to perform as consistently as those that are machined.
  • Silver plating with a meticulously applied, tarnish-resistant, epoxy clear-coat finish for one bright flash after another as the lure is pulled through the water. The flash produced by inferior metals such as nickel or chrome is not nearly as bright or as white in colour as silver under the same conditions.
  • Water-activated, self-lubricating, folded clevis allows the blade to begin spinning freely as soon as the lure hits the water. A folded clevis not only out-performs a stir-up style clevis, but it is also much stronger and far more durable as well.
  • Naturally deep-running, willow-leaf shaped blade featuring a unique rainbo-scale decal. The decal reflects a prism of light containing all shades of the color spectrum, much like the scales on a fish, as the blade spins in the water.
  • Extra-strong, razor-sharp, perfectly-honed premium quality hook to achieve the highest hooking percentage possible. Using a bigger and stronger hook also significantly increases the lure’s ability to keep a big fish on and get it into the boat.
  • Exclusive, unbreakable strike-attractor bead (and/or tube) entices more fish to strike. The “hot spot” created by the bead (and/or tube) gives the fish a specific spot to target as it closes in for the strike.

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeColourSizeRRPPriceOnhand
DO7982RMLA00B-GGoldSz0 2.5g£3.99£2.99In stock
DO7985RMLA01B-GGoldSz1 4.5g£3.99£2.99In stock
DO7988RMLA02B-GGoldSz2 7g£3.99£2.99Temporarily out of stock
DO7991RMLA03B-GGoldSz3 11.5g£4.99£4.50Temporarily out of stock
DO7983RMLA00B-SSilverSz0 2.5g£3.99£2.99In stock
DO7986RMLA01B-SSilverSz1 4.5g£3.99£2.99In stock
DO7989RMLA02B-SSilverSz2 7g£3.99£2.99In stock
DO7992RMLA03B-SSilverSz3 11.5g£4.99£4.50Temporarily out of stock
DO7981RMLA00B-CCopperSz0 2.5g£3.99£2.99In stock
DO7984RMLA01B-CCopperSz1 4.5g£3.99£2.99In stock
DO7987RMLA02B-CCopperSz2 7g£3.99£2.99In stock
DO7990RMLA03B-CCopperSz3 11.5g£4.99£4.50Temporarily out of stock
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