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Rapala X-Rap Otus Hybrid Lure

Rapala X-Rap Otus Hybrid Lure

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£13.99 - £16.45
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The Rapala X-Rap OTUS is a formidable lure, it combines Rapala’s fish-catching X-Rap® construction with a provoking, colour matched curl tail to create a seamless hybrid bait. With its slow sink rate and wide waving tail, the X-Rap® Otus is the ideal choice for cold water & challenging conditions. The body rolls side-to-side as the enormous curl tail pulses behind when retrieved. When paused, the tail acts as a parachute, stabilizing the lure as it slowly swims into the depths. The soft tail is firmly secured to the body with a 6-point stainless plate. Spare tail included. Fitted with VMC® Coastal Black hooks.

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ImageHousecodeSupplier codePatternSizeRRPPriceOnhand
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SU15044RA5820187UV5 - 5W-50UV25cm 90g£16.50£16.45In stock
SU15043RA5820186SMB - Smelt On The Beach25cm 90g£16.50£16.45In stock
SU15042RA5820185PGG - Pearl Ghost Gold25cm 90g£16.50£16.45In stock
SU15041RA5820184MRC - Mirror Carp25cm 90g£16.50£16.45In stock
SU14099RA5819242BGH - Blue Ghost25cm 90g£16.50£16.45In stock
SU14100RA5819243HLW - Halloween25cm 90g£16.50£16.45In stock
SU14101RA5819244HTIP - Hot Tiger Pike25cm 90g£16.50£16.45In stock
SU14102RA5819245OG - Olive Green25cm 90g£16.50£16.45In stock
SU14103RA5819246PEL - Live Perch25cm 90g£16.50£16.45In stock
SU14104RA5819247ROL - Live Roach25cm 90g£16.50£16.45In stock
SU14105RA5819248RTL - Live Rainbow Trout25cm 90g£16.50£16.45In stock
SU14106RA5819249SCRB - Scaled Baitfish25cm 90g£16.50£16.45In stock
SU14107RA5819250SCRR - Scaled Roach25cm 90g£16.50£16.45In stock
SU14915RA5820170ARB - Artistic Burbot17cm 40gN/A£13.99In stock
SU14916RA5820171BGH - Blue Ghost17cm 40gN/A£13.99In stock
SU14917RA5820172HLW - Halloween17cm 40gN/A£13.99In stock
SU14918RA5820173HTIP - Hot Tiger Pike17cm 40gN/A£13.99In stock
SU14919RA5820174MRC - Mirror Carp17cm 40gN/A£13.99In stock
SU14922RA5820177PGG - Perch Ghost Gold17cm 40gN/A£13.99In stock
SU14923RA5820178ROL - Live Roach17cm 40gN/A£13.99In stock
SU14924RA5820179RTL - Live Rainbow Trout17cm 40gN/A£13.99In stock
SU14925RA5820180SCRB - Scaled Baitfish17cm 40gN/A£13.99In stock
SU14926RA5820181SCRR - Scaled Roach17cm 40gN/A£13.99In stock
SU14927RA5820182SMB - Smelt On The Beach17cm 40gN/A£13.99In stock
SU14928RA5820183UV517cm 40gN/A£13.99In stock
SU15041RA5820184MRC - Mirror Carp25cm 90g£16.50£16.45In stock
SU15042RA5820185PGG - Perch Ghost Gold25cm 90g£16.50£16.45In stock
SU15043RA5820186SMB - Smelt On The Beach25cm 90g£16.50£16.45In stock
SU15044RA5820187UV525cm 90g£16.50£16.45In stock
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