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Mepps Long Lures

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Mepps Long Lures
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Product Description

Incredibly consistent fish catchers!

  • 30 degree angle of rotation
  • Spins more slowly and closer to the axis than the Aglia
  • Use in deeper water and strong currents
  • 1 lure supplied per pack

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ImageHousecodeSupplier codeColourSizeRRPPriceOnhand
LD9139L4030Silver00£3.99£3.49In stock
LD9143L4037Gold00£3.99£3.49In stock
LD9144L4038Gold£4.49£3.49In stock
LD9136L4045Copper£3.49£2.00In stock
LD2186L4032Silver1£4.49£3.99In stock
LD2190L4039Gold1£4.49£3.99In stock
LD2193L4046Copper1£4.49£3.99In stock
LD2187L4033Silver2£4.99£4.49In stock
LD2188L4034Silver3N/A£4.99Will ship in approx. 1 week.
LD9141L4035Silver4N/A£6.99In stock
LD9142L4036Silver5N/A£8.99In stock
LD2191L4040Gold2N/A£4.49In stock
LD2192L4041Gold3N/A£4.99In stock
LD9145L4042Gold4N/A£6.99In stock
LD9146L4043Gold5N/A£8.99Will ship in approx. 1 week.
LD2194L4047Copper2£4.99£4.49In stock
LD2195L4048Copper3N/A£4.99In stock
LD9137L4049Copper4N/A£6.99In stock
LD9138L4050Copper5£8.99£6.00In stock
LD2196L4025Rainbow1N/A£3.99In stock
LD2197L4026Rainbow2N/A£4.49In stock
LD2198L4027Rainbow3N/A£4.99In stock
LD9133L4028Rainbow4N/A£6.99In stock
LD9134L4029Rainbow5N/A£9.99In stock
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