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Axia Monofilament Line

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Product Description

A multi-discipline line developed to share many of the characteristics of more expensive line at a sensible price. Axia Mainline is a tough, abrasion-resistant line that is perfect for all manner of fishing situations from beach and rock fishing to river and still water fishing. This is the ideal line for filling up multiple reels and spools in a cost-effective manner. It has a high knot strength so anglers can be assured the line won’t let them down at the crucial moment. Developed to be a low memory line, it sails off the reel spool with ease, coupled with its low stretch, this is a fantastic casting line. This low stretch also helps to promote bite indication, whatever discipline. A low friction coating adds to its casting pedigree, helping the line slip through the rod rings with minimal effort.

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeColourModelDiameterRRPPriceOnhand
TX9115ANC1K12Clear12lb 9235m0.32mmN/A£39.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
TX9116ANC1K15Clear15lb 8209m0.35mmN/A£39.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
TX9117ANC1K18Clear18lb 6964m0.38mmN/A£39.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
TX9121ANC1K40Clear40lb 1995m0.65mmN/A£39.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
TX9122ANC1K50Clear50lb 1718m0.70mmN/A£39.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
TX9124ANC1K70Clear70lb 1188m0.80mmN/A£39.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
TX9125ANC1K80Clear80lb 947m0.90mmN/A£39.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
TX9104ANCHK12Clear12lb 4617m0.32mmN/A£22.99In stock
TX9105ANCHK15Clear15lb 4105m0.35mmN/A£22.99In stock
TX9106ANCHK18Clear18lb 3482m0.38mmN/A£22.99In stock
TX9107ANCHK20Clear20lb 2991m0.40mmN/A£22.99In stock
TX9108ANCHK25Clear25lb 2376m0.45mmN/A£22.99In stock
TX9109ANCHK30Clear30lb 1933m0.50mmN/A£22.99In stock
TX9110ANCHK40Clear40lb 997m0.65mmN/A£22.99In stock
TX9111ANCHK50Clear50lb 859m0.70mmN/A£22.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
TX9112ANCHK60Clear60lb 756m0.75mmN/A£22.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
TX9113ANCHK70Clear70lb 594m0.80mmN/A£22.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
TX9114ANCHK80Clear80lb 473m0.90mmN/A£22.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
TX9141ANGB10Brown10lb 1274m0.30mmN/A£5.99In stock
TX9142ANGB12Brown12lb 1157m0.32mmN/A£5.99Additional 2-3 days to ship.
TX9143ANGB15Brown15lb 1005m0.35mmN/A£5.99Additional 2-3 days to ship.
TX9144ANGB18Brown18lb 960m0.38mmN/A£5.99Additional 2-3 days to ship.
TX9145ANGB20Brown20lb 770m0.40mmN/A£5.99Additional 2-3 days to ship.
TX9146ANGB25Brown25lb 610m0.45mmN/A£5.99Additional 2-3 days to ship.
TX9138ANGB4Brown4lb 2730m0.20mmN/A£5.99Additional 2-3 days to ship.
TX9139ANGB6Brown6lb 2184m0.23mmN/A£5.99Additional 2-3 days to ship.
TX9140ANGB8Brown8lb 1820m0.26mmN/A£5.99Additional 2-3 days to ship.
TX9126ANGG10Green10lb 1274m0.30mmN/A£5.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
TX9129ANGG18Green18lb 960m0.38mmN/A£5.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
TX9130ANGG20Green20lb 770m0.40mmN/A£5.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
TX9131ANGG25Green25lb 610m0.45mmN/A£5.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
TX9132ANGHK10Green10lb 5232m0.30mmN/A£22.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
TX9133ANGHK12Green12lb 4617m0.32mmN/A£22.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
TX9134ANGHK15Green15lb 4105m0.35mmN/A£22.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
TX9135ANGHK18Green18lb 3482m0.38mmN/A£22.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
TX9136ANGHK20Green20lb 2991m0.40mmN/A£22.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
TX9137ANGHK25Green25lb 2376m0.45mmN/A£22.99Will ship in approx. 13 days.
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