Berkley Big Game Mono

Berkley Big Game Mono

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Product Description

Big game: The ultimate big fish line. Carp, barbel, bass, tuna, marlin, etc this line has landed them all! Countless records have been broken using this line and its easy to see why its so popular. This line has all the characteristics that big fish monofils should have.

Big Game can also be used in other ways such as a hooklength material for specimen fishing or as a shock leader for beach fishing or extreme distance casting.

  • Hi impact strength
  • Amazing knot strength
  • Superior handling
  • High abrasion resistance
  • High shock strength

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeBreaking StrainCapacityColourDiameterRRPPriceOnhand
PU323310683461500yd£12.99£11.69In stock
PU323410683471175yd£12.99£11.69In stock
PU32351068348900yd£12.99£11.69In stock
PU32361068349650yd£12.99£11.69In stock
PU32371068350440yd£12.99£11.69In stock
PU3238106835410lb£12.99£11.69In stock
PU3239106835512lb£12.99£11.69In stock
PU3240100276115lbN/A£11.69In stock
PU3241106835720lb£12.99£11.69In stock
PU3242106835825lb£12.99£11.69In stock
PU2984106835930lb£12.99£11.69In stock
PU3243106836040lb£12.99£11.69In stock
PU3244106836150lb£12.99£11.69In stock
PU3233106834610lb1500ydClear0.30mm£12.99£11.69In stock
PU3238106835410lb1500ydGreen0.30mm£12.99£11.69In stock
PU3234106834712lb1175ydClear0.35mm£12.99£11.69In stock
PU3239106835512lb1175ydGreen0.35mm£12.99£11.69In stock
PU3235106834815lb900ydClear0.38mm£12.99£11.69In stock
PU3236106834920lb650ydClear0.45mm£12.99£11.69In stock
PU3241106835720lb650ydGreen0.45mm£12.99£11.69In stock
PU3237106835025lb595ydClear0.48mm£12.99£11.69In stock
PU3242106835825lb595ydGreen0.48mm£12.99£11.69In stock
PU2984106835930lb440ydGreen0.55mm£12.99£11.69In stock
PU3243106836040lb370ydGreen0.60mm£12.99£11.69In stock
PU3244106836150lb275ydGreen0.71mm£12.99£11.69In stock
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