Perch Fishing Tackle

Perch Fishing Tackle

Perch Fishing Tackle

Perch are widespread throughout the UK and are found in all types of waterway. They are easily identifiable with their prominent spiny dorsal fin, and striped flanks but they have almost as many colour variants as they do habitats. In clear water they can have very bright markings with dark stripes over deep olive green and golden flanks with deep red/orange fins.

They do favour slacks and backwaters, and love cover of all sorts, especially when there is vertical structure nearby.
Perch are often the first fish that the novice angler will catch as they show little caution when feeding and will happily grab at anything edible that crosses their path, this is particularly true of small perch who have saved many blank days.

If you're fishing baits a nice big lobworm, hooked through the middle and fished hard on the bottom, is by far the most productive. If you're on heavily fished waters or commercial coarse waters a big peeled prawn can be exceptional for picking out Perch from the shoals of other fish.

If you prefer to fish lures, Drop shotting or light lure fishing for Perch is active, dynamic, easy to master, great fun and best of all, you need a minimum amount of tackle to enjoy its rewards. Its also great in winter when perhaps you only get a few hours to go fishing at short notice. Pair up a variety of shads or light lures with braid for bite detection and get out there to try your luck for a big Percy.

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