Savage Gear Line Thru Seeker ISP

Savage Gear Line Thru Seeker ISP

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The Line Thru Seeker is designed for long casting, even in windy conditions – the blade design allows the lure to swim very lively and erratic with the most incredible 360-degree rotation on the spin stop – so that the lure spins away from the centerline – driving the trout crazy – resulting in hard strikes! Each lure is supplied with an ultra sharp Treble hook, several colours soft Beads and clear hard beads, to protect the knot on the spilt/ring hook knot. When the trout is hooked, the lure runs freely up the line and the fish cannot use the weight of the lure to throw the hook. The Photo print colours are made with Sandeel details and superb finish.

  • Linethru design
  • Ultra sharp treble hook and oval split ring
  • 5 Soft beads Glow and neutral colours, 1 glass clear hard bead
  • Lively and erratic action
  • 360-degree rotation on the spin stop

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeLengthPatternWeightRRPPriceOnhand
SV195646218670mmSandeel13g£6.99£4.00In stock
SV195656218870mmBlue Silver13g£6.99£4.00In stock
SV195666218970mmRed & Black13g£6.99£4.00In stock
SV195676219070mmWhite Sandeel13g£6.99£4.00In stock
SV195686219170mmRed Copper13g£6.99£5.99In stock
SV195696219275mmSandeel18g£6.99£5.99In stock
SV195706219375mmBlue Silver18g£6.99£5.99In stock
SV195716219475mmRed & Black18g£6.99£5.99In stock
SV195726219575mmWhite Sandeel18g£6.99£5.99In stock
SV195736219675mmRed Copper18g£6.99£5.99In stock
SV195746219790mmSandeel24g£7.99£6.99In stock
SV195756219890mmBlue Silver24g£7.99£6.99In stock
SV195766219990mmRed & Black24g£7.99£4.50In stock
SV195776220090mmWhite Sandeel24g£7.99£4.50In stock
SV195786220190mmRed Copper24g£7.99£4.50In stock
SV205646904170mmRed Black Pout13g£7.99£6.99In stock
SV205676904470mmPink Pout13g£7.99£5.99In stock
SV205726904975mmRed Black Pout18g£7.99£6.99Last 2 remaining!
SV205756905275mmPink Pout18g£7.99£5.99In stock
SV205786905575mmBlue Silver Pout18g£7.99£5.99Will ship in approx. 19 days.
SV205836906090mmPink Pout24g£8.99£6.99In stock
SV205706904770mmBlue Silver Pout13g£7.99£5.99In stock
SV220496902870mmReal Silver13g£7.99£5.99In stock
SV220506902970mmReal Cobber13g£7.99£5.99In stock
SV220516703775mmReal Silver18g£7.99£5.99Last 1 remaining!
SV220526703875mmReal Cobber18g£7.99£5.99In stock
SV220536704090mmReal Silver24g£7.99£6.99In stock
SV220546704290mmReal Cobber24g£7.99£6.99In stock
SV248677404275mmWhite Pearl18g£8.99£7.99In stock
SV248737404890mmWhite Pearl24g£9.99£8.99In stock
SV248707404590mmGreen Silver24g£9.99£8.99In stock
SV248727404790mmCopper Red Dots24g£9.99£8.99In stock
SV248757405090mmFluo Orange Copper24g£9.99£8.99In stock
SV248717404690mmMotoroil UV24g£9.99£8.99In stock
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