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Savage Gear Seeker ISP Lures

Savage Gear Seeker ISP Lures

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The all new Savage Gear Seeker ISP Lures come in four sizes, duplicating a range of prey fish for both saltwater and fresh water from Bass to Trout. The Seeker ISP lures are designed to cast long distance and will swim freely with a flash on the twitch and has a 360 degree rotation on the spin stop. The Savage Gear Seeker ISP Lure is fantastic for both shallow and deep water, and can be easily used for long casting distance

  • Four sizes 16g, 23g, 28g and 32g
  • Enticing swimming action
  • Long casting design
  • 360 degree rotation movement
  • Ultra sharp Savage Gear y-trebles

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeLengthWeightColourPack QtyRRPWasNowOnhand
SV180025534387mm16gGreen Silver1pc£5.99N/A£4.99In stock
SV180035534487mm16gFluo UV Green Yellow1pc£5.99N/A£4.99Temporarily out of stock (Avail: 20/03/2021)
SV180045534587mm16gFluo UV Red Black1pc£5.99N/A£4.99In stock
SV180055534687mm16gBlack Pearl1pc£5.99N/A£4.99In stock
SV180065534787mm16gWhite Pearl1pc£5.99N/A£4.99Temporarily out of stock (Avail: 02/03/2021)
SV180075534898mm23gGreen Silver1pc£6.49N/A£5.49Temporarily out of stock (Avail: 20/03/2021)
SV180085534998mm23gFluo UV Green Yellow1pc£6.49N/A£5.49In stock
SV180095535098mm23gFluo UV Red Black1pc£6.49N/A£5.49In stock
SV180105535198mm23gBlack Pearl1pc£6.49N/A£5.49In stock
SV180115535298mm23gWhite Pearl1pc£6.49N/A£5.49Temporarily out of stock (Avail: 20/03/2021)
SV1801255353102mm28gGreen Silver1pc£6.99N/A£5.69Temporarily out of stock (Avail: 02/03/2021)
SV1801355354102mm28gFluo UV Green Yellow1pc£6.99N/A£5.69Will ship in approx. 18 days.
SV1801455355102mm28gFluo UV Red Black1pc£6.99N/A£5.69Temporarily out of stock (Avail: 01/03/2021)
SV1801555356102mm28gBlack Pearl1pc£6.99N/A£5.69Will ship in approx. 18 days.
SV1801655357102mm28gWhite Pearl1pc£6.99N/A£5.69Will ship in approx. 18 days.
SV1801755358107mm32gGreen Silver1pc£6.99£5.99£5.39In stock
SV1801855359107mm32gFluo UV Green Yellow1pc£6.99£5.99£5.39In stock
SV1801955360107mm32gFluo UV Red Black1pc£6.99£5.99£5.39In stock
SV215966384068mm12gGreen Silver1pc£4.99N/A£4.49In stock
SV215976384168mm12gFluo UV Green Yellow1pc£4.99N/A£4.49In stock
SV215986384268mm12gFluo UV Red Black1pc£4.99N/A£4.49In stock
SV215996384368mm12gBlack Pearl1pc£4.99N/A£4.49In stock
SV216006384468mm12gWhite Pearl1pc£4.99N/A£4.49Temporarily out of stock (Avail: 20/03/2021)
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