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Sakura Jackax Shad Rigged

Sakura Jackax Shad Rigged

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To simplify the life of beginners fishermen or those who do not have the time or the will to prepare the assemblies beforehand, we have developed a Jackax Rigged version "ready to fish" of our already famous Jackax . Quite dense, this lure pre-armed with a single hook on the back and a triple ventral, will allow you to explore fairly deep layers of water. To track pike in shallower areas, we recommend that you use our unarmed Jackax Shad and equip them with a “shallow rig” mounting thanks to our range of suitable accessories.

  • Traction or linear action
  • Marked rolling
  • High density for easier in-depth prospecting
  • Robust and flexible polymer at the same time
  • Natural appearance
  • Ultra-sharp hooks
  • High resistance stainless steel frame

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