Savage Gear LB 4D Herring Shad

Savage Gear LB 4D Herring Shad

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The 4th dimension is created with detailed Photo Chrome skin print and strike provoking scent! The details are incredible and so lifelike it will be even harder for the predator fish to resist a fully committed attack! Each lure’s colour design has been tested and tuned to perfection and the added DNA scent level will give you the extra edge when conditions are though! The 4D Herring shad has several updated features. The slightly thicker front part gives better jig head hold and corkscrew options. The Soft eyes cannot fall off and Savage Gear have added a rattle slot in the tail. The mouth has a small hook guide for easy rigging. The slender herring profile, with the deadly flanking action combined with the perfect Photo chrome skin print and Scent, will make an incredible lure even more effective!

  • 4D Photo Chrome Skin Print
  • Strike triggering scent
  • Tail Rattle or pellet slot
  • Soft eyes
  • Hook guide in mouth
  • Super flanking action

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeLengthColourWeightPer PackRRPPriceOnhand
SV213896366011cmFiretiger£2.49£1.99In stock
SV213906366111cmGreen Silver£2.49£1.99In stock
SV213916365811cmPerch£2.49£1.99In stock
SV213926365911cmPike£2.49£1.99In stock
SV213936366211cmRed Head£2.49£1.99In stock
SV213946365711cmRoach£2.49£1.99In stock
SV213956366613cm Firetiger£2.99£2.49In stock
SV213966366713cm Green Silver£2.99£2.49In stock
SV213976366413cm Perch£2.99£2.49In stock
SV213986366513cm Pike£2.99£2.49In stock
SV213996366813cm Red Head£2.99£2.49In stock
SV214006366313cm Roach£2.99£2.49In stock
SV214016364216cmFiretiger£3.99£2.99In stock
SV214026364316cmGreen Silver£3.99£2.99In stock
SV214036364416cmRed Head£3.99£2.99In stock
SV214046364519cmFiretiger£4.99£3.99In stock
SV214056364619cmGreen Silver£4.99£3.99In stock
SV214066364719cmRed Head£4.99£3.99In stock
SV214076364825cmFiretigerN/A£6.99In stock
SV214086364925cmGreen SilverN/A£6.99In stock
SV214096365025cmRed HeadN/A£6.99Will ship in 2-3 days.
SV21410636549cmFiretiger£1.99£1.50In stock
SV21411636559cmGreen Silver£1.99£1.50In stock
SV21412636529cmPerch£1.99£1.50In stock
SV21413636539cmPike£1.99£1.50In stock
SV21414636569cmRed Head£1.99£1.50In stock
SV21415636519cmRoach£1.99£1.50In stock
SV213896366011cmFiretiger9g1£2.49£1.99In stock
SV213906366111cmGreen Silver9g1£2.49£1.99In stock
SV213916365811cmPerch9g1£2.49£1.99In stock
SV213926365911cmPike9g1£2.49£1.99In stock
SV213936366211cmRed Head9g1£2.49£1.99In stock
SV213946365711cmRoach9g1£2.49£1.99In stock
SV213956366613cm Firetiger17g1£2.99£2.49In stock
SV213966366713cm Green Silver17g1£2.99£2.49In stock
SV213976366413cm Perch17g1£2.99£2.49In stock
SV213986366513cm Pike17g1£2.99£2.49In stock
SV213996366813cm Red Head17g1£2.99£2.49In stock
SV214006366313cm Roach17g1£2.99£2.49In stock
SV214016364216cmFiretiger28g1£3.99£2.99In stock
SV214026364316cmGreen Silver28g1£3.99£2.99In stock
SV214036364416cmRed Head28g1£3.99£2.99In stock
SV214046364519cmFiretiger45g1£4.99£3.99In stock
SV214056364619cmGreen Silver45g1£4.99£3.99In stock
SV214066364719cmRed Head45g1£4.99£3.99In stock
SV214076364825cmFiretiger98g1N/A£6.99In stock
SV214086364925cmGreen Silver98g1N/A£6.99In stock
SV214096365025cmRed Head98g1N/A£6.99Will ship in 2-3 days.
SV21410636549cmFiretiger5g1£1.99£1.50In stock
SV21411636559cmGreen Silver5g1£1.99£1.50In stock
SV21412636529cmPerch5g1£1.99£1.50In stock
SV21413636539cmPike5g1£1.99£1.50In stock
SV21414636569cmRed Head5g1£1.99£1.50In stock
SV21415636519cmRoach5g1£1.99£1.50In stock
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Store Address
Unit 1, The Point Retail Park,
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Opening Times
Mon-Sat: 9am - 5.30pm
Thu: 9am - 9pm
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