Strike Pro Giant Pig Shad  26cm 130g 1pc

Strike Pro Giant Pig Shad 26cm 130g 1pc

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Like all the Pig Shads this is a soft-plastic shad inspired by the classic jerkbait The Pig but the Giant Pig Shad is a true big fish lure. If you want to step up your game, try this 26cm version of the original Pig Shad. It has the same seductive rolling/swimming action, but a bigger profile which moves a ton of water!

Sometimes the pike prefer bigger baits and then the Giant Pig Shad 26 cm is the perfect lure to use. Ideal for pelagic fishing when you want the pike to be able to find your lure from far away-distances thanks to the wide profile and the massive vibrations this one sends out in the water. It's also a good lure to use when the pike eats a lot of large baitfish like stocked trout, ide, smaller pike, bream, etc...

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DO4450RPPS26-115Spotted Bullhead£15.99£14.99In stock
DO6667RPPS26-116Bloody Spotted Bullhead£15.99£14.99In stock
DO4071RPPS26-C041Dirty Roach£15.99£14.99Will ship in approx. 16 days.
DO8337RPPS26-131Ice Spotted Bullhead£15.99£14.99In stock
DO6668RPPS26-132Hot Spotted Bullhead£15.99£14.99Will ship in approx. 16 days.
DO6669RPPS26-133Psycho Spotted Bullhead£15.99£14.99In stock
DO8338RPPS26-134Olive Spotted Bullhead£15.99£14.99In stock
DO6670RPPS26-140Natural Perch OB£15.99£14.99In stock
DO8339RPPS26-142Baltic Herring£15.99£14.99In stock
DO6671RPPS26-144Black Okiboji£15.99£14.99In stock
DO8340RPPS26-145Sucker Punch£15.99£14.99In stock
DO8341RPPS26-146Emerald Herring£15.99£14.99In stock
DO8342RPPS26-147Burbot£15.99£14.99In stock
DO6672RPPS26-C664Hot Baitfish£15.99£14.99In stock
DO6673RPPS26-MN3Motoroil Pike UV£15.99£14.99In stock
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