Tronixpro Xenon Monofilament Leader

Tronixpro Xenon Monofilament Leader

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Product Description

Tronixpro Xenon Monofilament has been created as a high end mainline for use on fixed spool reels and continental style surf casting rods. The combination of a reduced stretch line and a super slick, abrasion resistant fluorocarbon coating helps the angler get the very best casting performance from these setups. The reduced stretch also heightens an angler’s ability to detect bites at range, giving direct feedback on any activity at the terminal tackle end.

Supplied in 1000m and 300m Spools.

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeRatingSpool CapacityRRPPriceOnhand
TX6298TLXV10330.33mm 20.02lb1000m£31.99£28.99In stock
TX6297TLXV10300.30mm 16.24lb1000m£26.99£24.99In stock
TX6292TLXV30400.40mm 26.11lb300m£13.99£12.99In stock
TX6291TLXV30330.33mm 20.02lb300m£12.99£11.99Additional 2-3 days to ship.
TX6290TLXV30300.30mm 16.24lb300m£12.99£11.99In stock
TX6296TLXV10280.28mm 13lb1000m£24.99£22.99Will ship in approx. 15 days.
TX6289TLXV30280.28mm 13lb300m£12.99£11.99In stock
TX6295TLXV10250.25mm 10.5lb1000m£23.99£21.99Will ship in approx. 15 days.
TX6288TLXV30250.25mm 10.5lb300m£10.99£9.99In stock
TX6293TLXV10180.18mm 6.23lb1000m£15.99£14.99Will ship in approx. 15 days.
TX6286TLXV30180.18mm 6.23lb300m£8.99£7.99Will ship in approx. 15 days.
TX6294TLXV10200.20mm 7.19lb1000m£15.99£14.99Will ship in approx. 15 days.
TX6287TLXV30200.20mm 7.19lb300m£8.99£7.99Will ship in approx. 15 days.
TX6299TLXV10400.40mm 26.11lb1000m£32.99£29.99In stock
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