Swarovski SLC 42 Binoculars

Swarovski SLC 42 Binoculars

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Product Description

Swarovski SLC 42 HD Binoculars for the Great Outdoors

A memorable day in the great outdoors is all about absorbing the details, like spotting something interesting like a rare species of bird or unique land topology. So if you want to see and enjoy these subtleties with greater clarity and intensity, the new range of Swarovski SLC Binoculars give you the perfect medium to amplify and create those special memories and impressions.

Featuring top of the range high-luminosity Hi Definition Optics, the SLC family of Binoculars give you a larger field of view and superior ergonomics for comfortable wear and usage. They are ideal for fishing, walking, hunting or birdwatching when you want to capture great moments that will transform an otherwise average day out. They are multipurpose and stand out as being extremely rugged and comfortable - even when observing over long periods.

SLC 42 HD Benefits

If your chosen activity is observing animals in their natural habitat, whether on a casual walk, off the beaten track or somewhere closer to home, the SLC 42 Model is perfect whether it's during the day or twilight. Additional benefits include:

  • Fully Waterproof and fully sealed to protect the internal optics
  • Fog Proof - Swarovski's special Swarobright prevents internal glass surface misting up
  • Rubber Exterior - offering maximum protection for the delicate internal optics
  • Tripod Adaptable - compatible with Swarovski's TA-SLC Tripod but you can also use other tripods.
  • Eye cups - can be unscrewed and replaced if required
  • Focus Housing - solid, robust and smooth turning
  • Objective lenses - lenses with extra-low dispersion glass

HD Hi End Performance Optics

With the 42 Model you get super high quality fluoride HD lenses which ensures big, bright images with superior richness of colour, clarity and optimal definition. In terms of lense coatings, Swarovski have improved this significantly using cutting edge technology to offer enhanced performance and clarity. So if your desire is to see things up real close, these binoculars are perfect for your needs. For example the object, be it an animal, flora or fauna, might be within a distance of 2 meters, therefore with a pair of 42 SLC HD's you get high-end magnification to give you a closer look at your chosen object in all it's majesty.

Hi Fidelity 42 For Maximum Colour and Contrast

One of the benefits of the 42 lenses is that they amplify colour which conventional glass types and binoculars distort - to a certain degree. The net result is high contrast, feature-rich images in natural light and colour - which is as close a natural representation you can get. The 42 SLC HD therefore enhances the visual acuity; not distort it. This gives you a clearer view and gets you closer to the greens, blues, reds and all the other natural colours of nature with greater beauty.

HD Images in Dim Light

With Swarovski's enhanced lense coatings and prisms, it increases the power for the actual HD lense. This is especially useful if you wish to observer things when the light is low or if you need to keep cleaning the lense. And because the enhanced lense coating not only amplifies, it also protects so if you need to keep cleaning dust, mist, water or any other mark that can impair perfect vision, you can have confidence in their anti-stick Swaroclean coating.

Exceptionally Large Field of View

Other binoculars don't compare with Swarovski SLC 42's, especially if the user wears glasses. This is because other binoculars have a lower exit pupil distance; in contrast the 42 HD has a larger exit pupil distance. So people with visual impairment can experience the entire wide angle field of view and benefit from extraordinary images that are captured by these binoculars. With 8x42 magnification in High Definition you get 136 meters or 148ft field of view therefore in this class, Swarovski are the market leader.

Swarovski Enhanced Focusing Mechanism

What's really cool about the 8x42's is that they not only offer excellent optical performance but also an enhanced focusing mechanism which enables fast and highly precise adjustments. This mechanism is also very sturdy and when you contain all this technology in a lighter, magnesium housing you get a pair of binoculars that will reduce fatigue during constant use and will perform reliably in any weather and will last you for many years.

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