Westin ShadTeez Lure

Westin ShadTeez Lure

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Product Description

This stunning big fellow puts other shads in its shadow. So perfectly detailed in every way, ShadTeez even has a double layer of clear coating to give a realistic "fish-slime" look! The deep body, slender wrist and wide tail create a rolling, belly-flashing swimming action that leaves big predators spellbound. Shallow-rigged and bumbled slowly past brackish reed beds, or deep-rigged it's imitating a mildly wounded panicking fish, you'll find your personal best attached to your line in no time at all!

  • Optimized flexibility
  • Realistic Eyes
  • Easy action paddle tail
  • Double-layer life-like scale pattern
  • High body design with great belly flash
  • Hand painted detailed colors
  • Airchamber in tail
  • Delivered in display box

ImageHousecodeSupplier codePatternPieces Per PackSizeRRPPriceOnhand
WN1406P023-155-008Official Roach3pc9cm / 7g£5.99£5.50In stock
WN1408P023-122-008Headlight3pc9cm / 7g£5.99£5.50In stock
WN1409P023-097-008Fireflake3pc9cm / 7g£5.99£5.50In stock
WN2442P023-021-008Bass Orange3pc9cm / 7g£5.99£5.50In stock
WN2444P023-023-008Bling Perch3pc9cm / 7g£5.99£5.50In stock
WN1421P023-155-014Official Roach2pc12cm / 15g£5.99£5.50In stock
WN1423P023-122-014Headlight2pc12cm / 15g£5.99£5.50In stock
WN1424P023-097-014Fireflake2pc12cm / 15g£5.99£5.50In stock
WN1436P023-155-026Official Roach1pc16cm / 39g£4.99£4.50Will ship in approx. 17 days.
WN1438P023-122-026Headlight1pc16cm / 39g£4.99£4.50In stock
WN1448P025-155-041Official Roach1pc22cm / 63g£6.99£5.99In stock
WN1450P025-122-041Headlight1pc22cm / 63g£6.99£5.99In stock
WN1452P025-069-041Crystal Perch1pc22cm / 63g£6.99£5.50Will ship in approx. 17 days.
WN1455P025-270-041Motoroil1pc22cm / 63g£6.99£5.50Will ship in approx. 17 days.
WN1460P025-155-048Official Roach1pc27cm / 117g£8.99£6.99In stock
WN1462P025-122-048Headlight1pc27cm / 117g£8.99£6.99In stock
WN1464P025-069-048Crystal Perch1pc27cm / 117g£8.99£6.99Will ship in approx. 17 days.
WN2448P023-021-014Bass Orange2pc12cm / 15g£5.99£5.50In stock
WN2469P025-149-048Natural Pike1pc27cm / 117g£8.99£6.99Will ship in approx. 17 days.
WN2450P023-023-014Bling Perch2pc12cm / 15g£5.99£5.50In stock
WN2462P023-023-026Bling Perch1pc16cm / 39g£4.99£4.50In stock
WN2466P025-149-041Natural Pike1pc22cm / 63gN/A£5.99In stock
WN2710P023-155-005Official Roach4pc7cm / 4g£5.99£5.50In stock
WN2709P023-122-005Headlight4pc7cm / 4g£5.99£5.50Additional 2-3 days to ship.
WN2708P023-097-005Fireflake4pc7cm / 4g£5.99£5.50In stock
WN2706P023-021-005Bass Orange4pc7cm / 4g£5.99£5.50In stock
WN2707P023-023-005Bling Perch4pc7cm / 4g£5.99£5.50In stock
WN2718P023-272-008Fire Perch3pc9cm / 7g£5.99£5.50Will ship in approx. 17 days.
WN2720P023-272-014Fire Perch2pc12cm / 15g£5.99£5.50Will ship in approx. 17 days.
WN2715P023-272-005Fire Perch4pc7cm / 4g£5.99£5.50Will ship in approx. 17 days.
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