Savage Gear 4Play V2 Swim & Jerk

Savage Gear 4Play V2 Swim & Jerk

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Product Description

Savage Gear have tuned and tested to come up with a #SavageGear classic re-designed. The original 4Play was a sensational success on predatory fish all over the world and with the V2 they've smashed it again.

Based on a 3D scan of a Herring the 4play V2 has four articulated segments that gives them their characteristic incredibly lifelike swimming action. These swim&jerk versions don't dive down like the liplures allowing you to fish in the surface film drawing spectacular strikes.

  • 13.5cm 2x#4 Trebles Runs 1-3ft
  • 16.5cm 2x#2 Trebles Runs 1-3ft
  • 20cm 2x#1 Trebles Runs 1-4ft
  • Slow Sink

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ImageHousecodeSupplier codePatternSizeRRPPriceOnhand
SV1926561725Herring13.5cm 20g£16.99£11.99In stock
SV1926661726Roach13.5cm 20g£16.99£11.99In stock
SV1926761727Perch13.5cm 20g£16.99£11.99In stock
SV1926861728Rudd13.5cm 20g£16.99£11.99In stock
SV1926961729Firetiger13.5cm 20g£16.99£11.99In stock
SV1927061730Golden Ambulance13.5cm 20g£16.99£11.99In stock
SV1927161737Herring16.5cm 35g£18.99£13.99In stock
SV1927261738Roach16.5cm 35g£18.99£13.99In stock
SV1927361739Perch16.5cm 35g£18.99£13.99In stock
SV1927461740Rudd16.5cm 35g£18.99£13.99In stock
SV1927561741Firetiger16.5cm 35g£18.99£13.99In stock
SV1927661742Golden Ambulance16.5cm 35g£18.99£13.99In stock
SV1927761749Herring20cm 65g£20.99£15.99In stock
SV1927861750Roach20cm 65g£20.99£15.99In stock
SV1927961751Perch20cm 65g£20.99£15.99In stock
SV1928061752Rudd20cm 65g£20.99£15.99In stock
SV1928161753Firetiger20cm 65g£20.99£15.99In stock
SV1928261754Golden Ambulance20cm 65g£20.99£15.99In stock
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