Drennan Sub Surface Green Fly Leader Tippet

Drennan Sub Surface Green Fly Leader Tippet

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Product Description

Drennan Subsurface Green Fly Leader

  • Sub Surface
  • Ideal for lure of nymph fishing
  • Neutral buoyancy
  • 50m fly tippet spool
  • Excellent knot strength
  • Supple enough for good loops
  • Tried and tested
  • Inexpensive
  • 12lbs is supplied as a 40m Spool

Buy a spool of Drennan Subsurface Green Fly Leader and you are buying into a tradition. Being one of the most popular and reliable fly fishing leaders on the market, it's been tried and tested across thousands of casts and its knot strength has been tested by many connected fish. It comes in a very convenient 50m spool which is just ideal for stuffing in your fly fishing bag or waistcoat, and with its distinctive yellow colour spool it's hard to miss in a bag full other fly fishing gear.

Using Subsurface leader material

It's no wonder Drennan is the name behind one of the most reliable and robust leaders in fly fishing. With a name like Subsurface, its performance is actually excellent for not only sub surface fishing with small nymphs or lures, but also perfect for small dry flies where you need the leader to sink a couple of centimetres below the surface. This is especially important if you don't want your fly making a big unnatural wave as it drags across the surface. This in addition to its distinctive green colour allows the line to meld with the water colour to render it invisible to passing Trout. This is important if you do not want to spook the fish as they feed. The fly leader also has excellent buoyancy which allows you to cast your traditional wet fly or Damsel fly with superb presentation but with its inherent subsurface qualities, it can slowly sink subsurface to the perfect depth of feeding fish. This helps if you like to fish a team of 3 buzzers on a floating line and you need the wind to drift them in a natural fashion.

The difference between Mono and Fluorocarbon

As fly anglers, there is a plethora of leader material out there and it can be hard when making the right choice. One example is the confusion between fluorocarbon and mono tippet line. In terms of density, fluorocarbon has no water absorption, therefore, maintaining strength and integrity. Mono on the other hand, including Drennan, suspends in water and sinks slowly with the weight of your fly or if it is treated with leader sink. Mono's dynamic strength also means better shock absorption for hard-hitting strikes. However, crucially, mono remains more inexpensive than fluorocarbon, is all-purpose and a great choice for both fresh and saltwater fly fishing.

Not Sub Standard Knot Strength above the Surface

One of the most salient features of Drennan's leader material is its superb knot strength. It is very strong and offers excellent durability cast after cast. So if you are constantly tying droppers, changing cast or adapting your fly leader so it can be fished at the right depth, this little yellow spool is your friend. Half turn blood knots, dropper knots, full blood knots, you name it, this fly leader once knotted can take a lot of shock load. Forget weaker sub standard nylon or mono because Drennan is the right gear for the job. Even its very strong but thin 3lb version is surprisingly low in diameter at 0.18mm and highly submersible.

Benefits of Drennan Sub Surface

Keen fly anglers like to use the best of gear and fly leader material is one part of your rig that you shouldn't compromise on. After all, it is the vital connection between you the fly line and your fly - and potential fish - therefore you need to have total confidence in your leader and the knots you've used on those droppers. Drennan Sub Surface Fly Leader has been around for a long time and this is a testimony to its popularity and reliability. So even if you are venturing into the world of fly fishing for the first time, then it's important to choose the right tippet material for the job, and you can't go far wrong with a spool of Drennan off the bat. A popular choice is to add a braided loop to your fly line and loop to loop your fly leader to the braided loop. In both these scenarios, Drennan is superb. The tippet is also very thin and cuts through the surface film very easily therefore further decreasing the chances of spooking fish that are gliding subsurface. So Drennan Green Fly Leader is a good choice for a good quality fly line tippet material, is practically invisible below the surface, has great knot strength, is relatively inexpensive and comes in a handy distinctive yellow spool that can be easily stuffed in your fly fishing jacket pocket.

Another important factor when choosing fly leader tippet material is that it's not only the vital connection between you, the fly line and fish but also the medium to which energy flows. When you fly cast, the rod bends and the energy stored in the rod as it bends is transmitted through to the fly line, leader and fly. Drennan Subsurface helps transmit energy right through to your fly and is flexible enough to create good loops that reduce the chance of forming wind knots. Wind knots are caused by tailing loops and a tailing loop is formed when the fly rod is not travelling along a straight line path and the rod tip is dipping below the straight line path. This results in the top leg of your leader tippet loop dropping down and crossing the bottom leg causing the tippet to knot. Of course, to avoid this common problem the fly casting stroke must follow a straight line path because wind knots are detrimental to the strength of your fly leader and can weaken its strength if ignored.

Drennan has been around for a long time and has become a well-established brand with anglers. Its evolution started with the humble fishing float back in the 1960s and grew to include terminal tackle for coarse and specialist fishing. However, there is no doubt that Drennan Subsurface Green Fly Leader Tippet is and continues to be a hugely popular choice for expert and novice fly fishermen

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