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Hornady Oal Gauge Straight

Hornady Oal Gauge Straight

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The initial distance a bullet travels is critical to an accurate handload. Any loss of alignment, as the bullet travels from the cartridge case to the rifling, will affect accuracy. Minimal changes in clearance (free-travel), between the bullet and the rifling will often yield substantial improvements in accuracy.

The O.A.L. Gauge is an easy-to-use precision tool. It allows the user to (1) determine maximum overall cartridge length (O.A.L.) from any firearm and (2) produce handloads with a precise bullet seating depth while providing exact bullet free-travel to the rifling. The O.A.L. Gauge will (3) monitor throat erosion, and (4) check new or used firearms for freebore condition, a prime factor in firearm accuracy. The O.A.L. Gauge uses your bullets for utmost precision.

The O.A.L. Gauge is sensitive and accurate enough that variations in operating technique or grit and carbon in the throat can produce variations in your results. It's a good idea to clean the barrel before you begin, then spend a few minutes to develop a technique that will produce a repeatable result. With a little experience, it will take but a minute or two to determine a proper free- travel and resulting bullet seating depth with any bullet you select.

To use the O.A.L. Gauge, you will need to purchase a Modified Case to fit your firearm's chamber and thread it onto the Gauge.

For all bolt action and single-shot firearms, or any firearm with straight-line access to the chamber. This model is preferred, as it is most precise and user friendly.

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