Fox Rage Pro Grub

Fox Rage Pro Grub

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Product Description

  • Large grub tail delivering a wide swimming action
  • Shad type body
  • 3D detailing
  • Three sizes; 8cm, 10cm, 12cm, 16cm and 23cm
  • Six colour options

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ImageHousecodeSupplier codePatternSizeRRPPriceOnhand
βž•πŸ›’FO10481NSL1119Firetiger16cm / 6.25"N/A£3.15In stock πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’FO10456NSL1116Perch12cm / 4.75"N/A£1.99In stock πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’FO10453NSL1113Firetiger12cm / 4.75"£2.15£1.99Will ship in approx. 16 days. πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’FO10451NSL1111Pike8cm / 3"N/A£1.15In stock πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’FO10450NSL1110Perch8cm / 3"N/A£1.15In stock πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’FO10448NSL1108Silver Baitfish8cm / 3"N/A£1.00Last 3 remaining! πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’FO10447NSL1107Firetiger8cm / 3"£1.25£1.15In stock πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’FO10949NSL1316Pike23cm / 9"N/A£5.99Last 2 remaining! πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’FO10948NSL1315Firetiger23cm / 9"N/A£7.50Last 1 remaining! πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’FO10950NSL1317Supernatural Roach23cm / 9"N/A£7.50In stock πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’FO10951NSL1318Supernatural Pike23cm / 9"£5.99£5.00Last 3 remaining! πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’FO10953NSL1320Supernatural Rainbow Trout23cm / 9"£7.50£7.00Last 2 remaining! πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’FO10719NSL1234Supernatural Brown Trout16cm / 6.25"£2.99£2.00In stock πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’FO13644NPG037Perch10cm / 4"N/A£1.65In stock πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’FO13646NPG039Supernatural Roach10cm / 4"N/A£1.65In stock πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’FO13647NPG040Supernatural Pike10cm / 4"N/A£1.65In stock πŸ›’
βž•πŸ›’FO13648NPG041Supernatural Perch10cm / 4"£1.75£1.65In stock πŸ›’
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