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Megabass Vision Oneten Lures

Megabass Vision Oneten Lures

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Product Description

Proving their worth and causing a storm on the UK fresh and salt lure markets, the Vision Oneten lure from Megabass is a highly versatile diving jerk bait with an action and look that is proving deadly to Salmon, Bass and Pollack alike.

The Vision Oneten works equally well in fresh and salt, moving or still waters, thanks to the top notch features they sport. These include internal rattles for maximum attraction, tungsten composite balancing weights for optimised casting distance and nose first dive in the water, and a host of superb visual attractors including projecting gill plates, red throat, lateral line and lifelike scales and eyes.

The Vision Oneten is proving particularly deadly when allowed to come to a dead stop. As the lure slowly floats back to the surface, this action is often enough to induce powerful takes.

Standard Megabass Vision Oneten Weight: 14.3g Length: 110.5mm.

Magnum Megabass Vision Oneten Weight: 17.7g Length: 130.0mm.

Colour shown: GW Fire

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeModelRRPPriceOnhand
TL0100V110 FW FRENCHPFW French Pearl£27.99£25.99In stock
TL0071V110 FW GG FLASH WAKFW GG Flashing Wakasagi£27.99£25.99In stock
TL0113V110 GG GUREKOFW GG Gureko (SP-C)£27.99£25.99In stock
TL0102V110 FW GG PERCFW GG Perche£27.99£25.99In stock
TL0114V110 GG YAMAMEFW GG Yamame (SP-C)£27.99£25.99In stock
TL0073V110 FW GP PROBFW GP Problue II£27.99£25.99In stock
TL0106V110 FW HT URUMFW HT Urume£27.99£25.99In stock
TL0105V110 FW HEAT MAGICFW Heat Magic LTD£27.99£25.99In stock
TL0120V110 ITO CLEAR LAKERFW Ito Clear Laker (SP-C)£27.99£25.99In stock
TL0082V110 JEKYL HYDEFW Jekyll and Hyde£27.99£25.99Temporarily out of stock
TL0191V110 M END MAXFW M End Max£27.99£25.99Ordered on request
TL0186V110 FW MG SEXY STRFW MG Sexy Stream£27.99£25.99In stock
TL0185V110 FW MAT TIGERFW Mat Tiger£27.99£25.99In stock
TL0110V110 FW PM RAYGFW PM Raygyo£27.99£25.99In stock
TL0154V110 SUNSET GOLDFW Sunset Gold£27.99£25.99Ordered on request
TL0179V110 TINY WAKAFW Tiny Wakasagi£27.99£25.99In stock
TL0112V110 FW UL PERCHFW UL Perch£27.99£25.99In stock
TL0072V110 FW UL RAINB TRFW UL Rainbow Trout£27.99£25.99In stock
TL0116V110 HF CHARTBAHF Chartblack Glowb£27.99£25.99In stock
TL0118V110 HF NAT EFFHF GLX Natural Effect£27.99£24.99In stock
TL0016V110 HF HT AYUHT AYU 22£27.99£25.99Temporarily out of stock
TL0056V110 FW IL REACHachiro Reaction£27.99£25.99Ordered on request
TL0005V110 FW ITO WAKITO Wakasagi£27.99£25.99In stock
TL0036V110 FW UL AYULeviathan Ayu£27.99£25.99In stock
TL0022V110 FW M SHADM RB Shad 14£27.99£25.99Temporarily out of stock
TL0042V110 HF MSSMSS£27.99£25.99In stock
TL0060V110 HF MAT TIGMat Tiger£27.99£25.99Will ship in 2-3 days.
TL0139V110 RACING LIGHT CSRacing Light Crystal Shad£27.99£24.99In stock
TL0140V110 RACING PHA PBLURacing Phantom Pro Blue£27.99£24.99In stock
TL0141V110 RACING SIG PHAYRacing Signal Phantom Ayu£27.99£24.99In stock
TL0142V110 RACING SIG RASHRacing Signal Racing Shad£27.99£24.99In stock
TL0002V110 SW M SEGURSW M Seguru Iwashi Stardust£27.99£25.99Temporarily out of stock
TL0047V110 FW SEXY AYUSexy Ayu£27.99£25.99Temporarily out of stock
TL0019V110 FW GP SEXY SHADSexy Shad 46£27.99£25.99In stock
TL0049V110 FW STEA WAStealth Wakasagi£27.99£25.99In stock
TL0053V110 FW UL BROWN TRTrout£27.99£25.99In stock
TL0063V110 FW WAGIN AYUWagin Ayu£27.99£25.99In stock
TL0003V110 FW WAGINHAWagin Hasu£27.99£25.99In stock
TL0014V110 FW WEST CRWestern Clown 53£27.99£25.99In stock
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Store Address
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Mon-Sat: 9am - 5.30pm
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