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Fly Tying Capes

Fulling Mill Substitute Jungle Cock

Ordered on request
Stillwater Indian Capes
£4.99 - £6.99

In stock
Veniard Jungle Cock Subs

In stock
 Almost Real Jungle Cock
RRP: £1.99 £1.79

Last 3 remaining!
 Metz Necks
£44.99 - £99.99

In stock
 Metz 1/2 Necks

In stock
 Metz Saddles
£39.99 - £49.99

In stock
 Metz Micro-Barb
£69.99 - £74.99

In stock
 Metz Hen

In stock
Veniard Whiting Cock Necks
£39.99 - £74.99

In stock
 Keough Saddles
£54.99 - £69.99

In stock
Keough Marabou Skin

In stock
Veniard Indian Cock Cape

In stock
Veniard Indian Hen Cape

In stock
Whiting 4B Rooster Saddle

Ordered on request
 Premium Cock Cape

In stock
Whiting Variety Pack

In stock
Keough Cock Necks

In stock
 Keough Hen Necks

Will ship in 2-3 days.
Fishermans Feathers Jungle Cock Capes
£30.00 - £125.00

In stock
Whiting Hebert Miner Capes and Saddles
£29.99 - £64.99

In stock
 Metz Magnum

In stock
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