Savage Gear 3D Line Thru Sandeel Lures

Savage Gear 3D Line Thru Sandeel Lures

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Product Description

A 3D Scan of a real sandeel, has provided the perfect details and body shape for this great line-thru hard lure!

Savage Gear have carefully studied the swimming action and behaviour of the Sandeel in order to tweak the lure - and the result is incredible!
The 3D LT Sandeel, swims with a seducing and slim S-curve, head slightly up. On the spin stop, the lure flutters and rolls backwards – like a sandeel fleeing and trying to dig itself into the Sand. On the twitch, the lure will dart erratically and flash in an incredibly lifelike fashion!

The Body is made of Super strong ABS and has incredible details! The unique inside spear ensures very long casting distances – even in windy conditions. The Line- thru system makes for perfect presentation and ensures that the predator fish can not use the weight of the lure to throw the hook. We recommend the use of Soft Fluorocarbon or Finezze Mono line as trace.

Supplied With

  • 1x Line Thru Sandeel lure
  • Two Glow beads
  • Two UV Red beads
  • Two Glass clear beads
  • One matt black Oval splitring
  • One Wide Gape, forged ultra sharp Big eye single hook – DG Stealth finish
  • One Savage Gear, High Carbon steel Y-Treble – DG Stealth finish

OW0920 3 for 2 on Savage Gear!

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ImageHousecodeSupplier codePatternSizeRRPPriceOnhand
SV1956062182Motoroil UV85mm / 11g£8.99£7.99In stock
SV2055067045Gold Pout85mm / 11g£8.99£7.99In stock
SV2055267047Pink Pout85mm / 11g£8.99£7.99In stock
SV2056069037Gold Pout125mm / 19g£8.99£7.00In stock
SV2056269039Pink Pout125mm / 19g£8.99£7.00In stock
SV2058069057Red Black Pout90mm / 24g£8.99£7.99In stock
SV2205558338Black Silver Green Pearl125mm / 19g£10.99£7.00In stock
SV2205658339Brown Ghost125mm / 19g£10.99£7.00In stock
SV1955862180Sandeel85mm / 11g£8.99£7.99In stock
SV1956362185Black Ghost85mm / 11g£9.99£8.99In stock
SV1956162183Black & Red UV85mm / 11g£8.99£7.99In stock
SV1955962181Sandeel Ghost85mm / 11g£8.99£7.99In stock
SV1956262184Black N Yellow Glow85mm / 11g£8.99£7.99In stock
SV1902058688Black & Red UV110mm / 15g£9.99£8.99In stock
SV1901758685Sandeel Ghost110mm / 15g£9.99£8.99In stock
SV1901958687Motoroil UV110mm / 15g£9.99£8.99In stock
SV1935558952Matt White Tobis110mm / 15g£9.99£8.99In stock
SV1935458951Black N Yellow Glow110mm / 15g£9.99£8.99In stock
SV1901658684Sandeel110mm / 15g£9.99£8.99In stock
SV1935358337Black & Red UV125mm / 19g£10.99£9.99In stock
SV1934958302Matt White Tobis125mm / 19g£12.99£9.99In stock
SV1935058303Black N Yellow Glow125mm / 19g£12.99£9.99Will ship in approx. 2 weeks.
SV1783655750Sandeel125mm / 19g£11.99£9.99In stock
SV1783955753Black Ghost125mm / 19g£11.99£9.99In stock
SV1784155755Motoroil UV125mm / 19g£11.99£9.99In stock
SV1935158305Matt White Tobis150mm / 27g£14.99£12.99In stock
SV1784555759Black Ghost150mm / 27g£14.99£12.99In stock
SV1784755761Motoroil UV150mm / 27g£14.99£12.99In stock
SV1784255756Sandeel150mm / 27g£14.99£12.99Will ship in approx. 2 weeks.
SV1784355757Sandeel Ghost150mm / 27g£14.99£12.99In stock
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