Savage Gear Sandeel Jerk Minnow

Savage Gear Sandeel Jerk Minnow

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Based on a 3D Scan of a Sandeel, that is also very close to a baby needlefish. The very slim shape combined with the supernatural swimming action makes this lure very effective. The lure is silent and has an inside magnetic long cast system, that gives makes the lure fly far. This floating version is ideal to use in a wide range of fishing spots like rocks, ports or even shallow beaches. The Jerk minnow is an extremely easy lure to use, with the most amazing jerk and twitch action, with an almost horizontal balance on the stop and have a great roll and flash on retrieve! Fishing method: This lure will perform excellent with slow, medium and high-speed retrieve and will perform most amazing jerk and twitch action.

  • 3D Scanned details
  • Magnetic Silent Long Cast System
  • Great jerk and Twitch action
  • Horizontal balance
  • 3 Ultra-sharp strong Saltwater trebles

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeLengthPatternWeightRRPPriceOnhand
SV2148963994110mmBasic Atherina7g£9.99£4.00Will ship in approx. 19 days.
SV2149063996110mmGreen mackerel PHP7g£9.99£4.00In stock
SV2149263995110mmPink Barracuda PHP7g£9.99£4.00In stock
SV2149563991110mmSardine PHP7g£9.99£4.00Will ship in approx. 19 days.
SV2149663992110mmSayoris PHP7g£9.99£4.00Will ship in approx. 19 days.
SV2149764002145mmGreen mackerel PHP14g£16.99£5.00Will ship in approx. 19 days.
SV2149864001145mmMirror Ayu14g£16.99£12.99In stock
SV2149964003145mmPink Head14g£16.99£12.99In stock
SV2150063998145mmSandeel14g£16.99£12.99In stock
SV2150163999145mmSardine PHP14g£16.99£12.99In stock
SV2150264000145mmSayoris PHP14g£16.99£12.99In stock
SV2150964014175mmGreen mackerel PHP25g£18.99£5.00In stock
SV2151064013175mmMirror Ayu25g£18.99£14.99In stock
SV2151264010175mmSandeel25g£18.99£14.99In stock
SV2151364011175mmSardine PHP25g£18.99£14.99In stock
SV2151464012175mmSayoris PHP25g£18.99£14.99In stock
SV2151764017175mmBasic Atherina29g£18.99£14.99In stock
SV2499677296175mmPink Yellow Orange25g£16.99£6.00In stock
SV2500177301175mmYellow Green29g£16.99£6.00In stock
SV2499577295175mmPink White Glow25g£16.99£6.00Will ship in approx. 19 days.
SV2499777297175mmYellow Blue25g£16.99£6.00In stock
SV2499977299175mmPink Black29g£16.99£6.00Will ship in approx. 19 days.
SV2500077300175mmWhite Pink Yellow29g£16.99£6.00In stock
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