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Veniard Bucktails

Veniard Bucktails

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Finest available, split, boned, washed and then dried flat. Meticulously dyed and grease free. Used extensively in tying salmon and saltwater flies.

Colours Available: Shad Grey, Blue, Olive, Black, Red, Orange, Green, Yellow, Natural (White/ Brown), Purple, Lavender, Pink, Black, Cream, Tan, Pearl Grey, Ginger, Root Beer, Sea Green, Peach, Lemon, Turquoise, Brown, Aquamarine, Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Fire Orange, Fluorescent White, Fluorescent Blue, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Cerise and Fluorescent Chartreuse.

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeColourRRPPriceOnhand
FDR0015BP00000BWL-364-ZSunburstN/A£7.25In stock
FDR0015AB00000BWL-395-ZYellowN/A£7.25In stock
FDR0015AC00000BWL-280-ZOrangeN/A£7.25In stock
FDR0015AD00000BWL-366-ZTanN/A£7.25In stock
FDR0015AG00000BWL-085-ZBrownN/A£7.25In stock
FDR0015AH00000BWL-324-ZRedN/A£7.25In stock
FDR0015AI00000BWL-156-ZGreenN/A£7.25In stock
FDR0015AJ00000BWL-026-ZBlueN/A£7.25In stock
FDR0015AK00000BWL-234-ZOliveN/A£7.25In stock
FDR0015AL00000BWL-320-ZPurpleN/A£7.25In stock
FDR0015AM00000BWL-021-ZBlackN/A£7.25In stock
FDR0015AQ00000BWL-163-ZShad GreyN/A£7.25In stock
FDR0015AR00000BWL-287-ZPeachN/A£7.25In stock
FDR0015AS00000BWL-273-ZNatural (White/ Brown)N/A£7.25In stock
FDR0015AX00000BWL-129-ZFluorescent RedN/A£7.25In stock
FDR0015AY00000BWL-137-ZFluorescent YellowN/A£7.25In stock
FDR0015AZ00000BWL-126-ZFluorescent OrangeN/A£7.25In stock
FDR0015BA00000BWL-121-ZFluorescent GreenN/A£7.25In stock
FDR0015BC00000BWL-136-ZFluorescent WhiteN/A£7.25In stock
FDR0015BE00000BWL-050-ZFluorescent ChartreuseN/A£7.25In stock
FDR0015BK00000BWL-092-ZSculpin OliveN/A£7.25In stock
FDR0015BL00000BWL-059-ZClaretN/A£7.25In stock
FDR0015BN00000BWL-110-ZFiery BrownN/A£7.25In stock
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