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Not just another fly line!
With all the fly lines on the market today, it's often a case of where do I start when it comes decide the correct taper, coatings, cores, etc for your floating line. Add to this the fact, that £50+ is a significant investment in something that you may or may not get right and you can see there could be some hesitation, unless you've had chance to find something you like. At the other end of the scale, you have your lower priced fly lines and mill ends, but sometimes these can lack in performance and age quickly, making them a line that ends up being replaced often.

The Airflo Forge seeks to address these issues and give you a fly line you can enjoy at a price level that won't break the bank.

With a total head length of 40' and a working head length of between 33' to 42', it is an extremely versatile performer that will work for all levels of casting ability.

A relatively long front taper of 8' (Inc. tip) allows for smooth turnover and precise deliveries, superb for nymphs, dries and any top of the water presentation.

The line has a pleasant Warm olive head colour that will help reduce any line flash in the air. A sunrise yellow running line allows you to easily see the transition at the rear taper and help you gauge the optimal amount of line to aerialise when going for distance.

The surface on the Forge line is ultra-smooth to the touch and holds a dry lubrication system that not only improves casting performance, but also helps significantly with water repulsion – a key factor in improving floatation and helps with smooth lift offs when covering rising fish.

The core is a braided multi filament, similar to those found in top end PVC fly lines – if you're already used to stretchy fly lines, this will have a similar feel to the lines you may have used previously.

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AF7411RS-FORGE-WF7FWF7F Olive/Sunny YellowN/A£39.99In stock
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